Eva Bartlett is back in service!

The Canadian blogger has joined a parody court supposed to try Ukrainian war crimes. A consecration after years spent spreading false information and conspiracy theories for the most authoritarian regimes on the planet.

Eva Bartlett in Moscow during the press conference on the creation of the “International Public Tribunal for Ukraine”, in March 2022 (screen capture).

Is Eva Bartlett really pro-Putin? “I can’t find a single example in any of my articles or videos where I even mention Vladimir Putin”she answers Maverick Multimedia from his home, “near Moscow”. On July 14, this American conspiratorial media invited him to come and defend himself after an investigation of CBC News concerning heraired a few days earlier.

The Canadian public channel looked at the Western members of the “International Public Tribunal on Ukraine”. A international tribunal parody launched the day after the invasion of Ukraine by Maxim Grigorievdirector of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, an institution supposed to represent civil society but created in 2004 on the suggestion of Vladimir Poutine in person. Grigoriev brought together several propagandists from all over the world to create this international tribunal supposed to investigate the crimes of the « kyiv regime “.

Among the founding members of this tribunal, we therefore find Eva Bartlett, as pointed out CBC News who questions an expert of theInstitute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) that such a contribution cannot be made without compensation. Rather than answer, the Canadian preferred to react on RTthe Kremlin-funded channel: “I don’t believe for a moment that CBC would give me the opportunity to express myself honestly. It is a Canadian-funded channel that responds to orders from the Canadian government”.

At the tribunal’s launch press conference on 1er March, she argued that “People in the West don’t know anything about neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They have been brainwashed by the media and are ready to support Ukraine”. The blogger participates in feeding this fake court as well as the Russian media with evidence of supposed Ukrainian infamies by carrying out reports in the self-proclaimed separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, or even in Mariupol, razed and captured by the Russian army at the end of May.

In fact, we never hear about Vladimir Putin, or even the widely documented abuses committed by his army. On the contrary, the blogger is busy reporting the supposed crimes of the Ukrainian forces which would be ignored by the Western media.


On August 6, in a YouTube video, Eva Bartlett explained in unison with the Russian media that “Ukraine’s terror on civilian areas in central Donetsk continues, targeting a burial site in the city center on Thursday as well as the hotel I was staying in”, accusing Ukraine of targeting journalists. Two days earlier, strikes had indeed hit Donetsk, killing at least six people. A rare incident in this city located 12 kilometers from the front and controlled by pro-Russian forces since 2014.

According to other media, such as The world, “For lack of opening of the region to international investigators, it is impossible to establish which side fired”. Bartlett’s video, relayede in conspiratorial spheres by the likes of Swiss publisher Slobodan Despot, has over 11,000 views.

As further stated The worldthe “funeral center” mentioned by the blogger is in fact a drama center where a ceremony took place in honor of a pro-Russian fighter killed the day before, awarded the title of “Heroes of Russia” by Putin and sentenced in absentia to twelve years in prison by the Ukrainian courts for terrorism.

It makes no sense for us to bomb this or that event in Donetsk. We aim to destroy three types of targets: fuel depots, artillery shell depots and operational and tactical command centers, in order to reduce the offensive potential of the invader., commented the Ukrainian presidency. So many details that Bartlett does not mention. An art of diversion that she has mastered for years.

In November 2016, long before joining the Grigoriev Tribunal, she participated in a press conference organized by the Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN. The eastern part of the city of Aleppo was then in the process of collapsing under the indiscriminate bombardments of the Russian air force and the regime of Bashar el-Assad.

Bartlett affirms during this conference entitled “Against propaganda and regime change in Syria” that since no trusted organization is present in eastern Aleppo, the Western media would not have any reliable information. She also accuses the white helmetsvolunteer first-aid workers then present in this area and who were documenting the consequences of the bombings, to carry out stagings and to be affiliated with the jihadist organization Al-Qaeda. Finally, according to her, it is not a question of a civil war but of a foreign plot aimed at the fall of Bashar el-Assad.

Conspiracy from Gaza to Damascus

The video of his speech, broadcast by RT, is an international board. Taken up by many conspiracy sites as far away as France, it reached several million views. Later, Syria’s former representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jafaari will even publicly declare its ” love “ to Eva Bartlett.

This is in Gaza in 2007 the Canadian began her career. She then wrote a blog there entitled “InGaza” where she says “experience the same terrible power outages, water shortages and Zionist warplane overflights and bombings” than Gazans. Arrested and deported by the Israeli authorities after eight months, she returned the following year aboard a vessel trying to break through the blockade imposed by the Israeli Navy.

A few years later, when the Syrian conflict broke out, Bartlett still maintains his blog but only talks about Syria. She batteriese regularly “Zionists” to be behind every incident of the conflict, insinuates that “the so-called Israel” (sic) would be behind the creation of the Islamic State organization and welcomes the Russian intervention which would have caused the death of at least 23,000 civilians. A talent quickly recognized by RTwhere it still has a regular forum today.

In 2013, Bartlett co-founded the Syria Solidarity Movement (Movement of Solidarity with Syria), which will organize the same year an american tour for Mother Agnès-Mariam de la Croix, a pro-Assad nun whose statements about the supposed staging of the chemical attacks had been picked up by the Russian media. The organization also paid $ 20,000 to the former elected Democrat Dennis Kucinich for his participation in a pro-Assad conference in 2018.

While sitting on its steering committee, Eva Bartlett receives from this same organization the Serena Shim Award in 2017. A reward through which thousands of dollars were paid to other pro-Assad and pro-Putin propaganda figures, such as Vanessa Beeley, Max Blumenthal, Peter Ford or… Julian Assange.

“Yes, war is ugly”

The same year, Bartlett also performed a trip to North Korea organized by the regime of Kim Jong Un. She returns from Pyongyang accusing Western media of demonizing the country for “arrange another massacre of innocents by the United States”.

We also find his interventions on other channels affiliated with authoritarian states. In May 2019, for example, she was invited by the English-speaking branch of TeleSUR, the Venezuelan propaganda channel founded by Hugo Chavez and co-funded by Cuba and Nicaragua. Bartlett asserts that the United States is in the process of “manufacturing a crisis in Venezuela” to justify a “intervention” whereas Nicolas Maduro is being challenged in the country for his calamitous management and his fraudulent 2018 re-election.

The channel also gives her the floor on the Ukrainian conflict, as last March when she attended with many other reporters a distribution of Russian humanitarian aid organized for propaganda in the Donbass. “The Western media will not talk about the humanitarian aid provided by Russia”she says.

While many Westerners have been condemned to capital punishment by the separatist authorities on the basis of false allegations and that the Russians were preparing to stage a show trial for Ukrainian prisoners of war in Mariupol, will the disinformation produced by Eva Bartlett for the International Public Tribunal for Ukraine eventually turn into an official act of execution? When more than 50 fighters held by Russia in Olenivka were killed in captivity at the end of July, and when many elements point in the direction of a responsibility of the Russian servicesthe Canadian prefers, once again, to create a diversion on his blog accusing Ukraine from Moscow of having murdered its own prisoners: “Yes, war is ugly, but Ukraine raises the bar when it comes to war crimes and hypocrisy” she concludes.

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