Even if The Boys doesn’t have a game, these other 5 help me feel like an antihero

the series of TheBoys is one of the most popular and interesting things about superheroes in recent times (not like Moon Knight, for example), and it’s normal to miss a video game adaptation (because it would be a pickle), but since there is still nothing on the table, we have thought of proposing five very valid options that not only they will appease your cravingsbut they will satisfy you more than you expect.

What we bring you are titles that follow the essence of TheBoys in one or several of its themes, from the most shallow and bloody from superpowers to criticism and satire on the deification of superheroesthe patriotic and warmongering spirit that some carry under their arms… The thing is that for one reason or another, you are going to find yourself at home and possibly run into new franchises or ideas that you did not know.

Top 5 games remind me of The Boys


Obviously, the first that comes to mind is one of the most violent superhero games that we know Injustice: Gods Among Us and its second part are the work of the same creators of Mortal Kombatand take advantage of the darker tone of the dc universe to turn it into a bloody, sadistic show where superpowers actually kill.

Are fight gamesbut curiously the story has a very important weight in them, to the point of drawing the narrative lines throughout hours and hours of cinematics. To give you an idea of ​​how dark the plot is, it starts when the Joker gets Superman to kill Lois Lane… which I was pregnant. From here, imagine the general tone of the two games.

dead pool

dead pool

With dead pool we get into parody pure and simple, taken to the extreme in all the media it has reached. The Rob Liefeld character everything has always been skipped: the axis, the fourth wallsocial conventions, diplomacythe laws of thermodynamics… It is its essence, and the game is a reflection of it, still 10 years later.

Despite TheBoys is shown in a dark, serious, cynical tone… deep down everything is a great parody of what has always been revered in the world of superheroes. dead pool He is one of the first superheroes who worked in this line, and although in his case everything is more goofy and light, violence is not allowed nowhere in this beat ’em up adaptation.

South Park

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Yes, South Park! In this case you could well jump on the bandwagon of The Stick of Truth; there you would leave the comic theme aside, but the idea is the same: live wild adventures imagined by the boys and girls of South Park while they do not leave a puppet with a head. If the series is already a beast and gets into all the fregaosthe games do not fall short at all.

In the case of Rear in dangerthe second game in its franchise, we continue the heroic vibe, for making fun of the superhero trend, of course, but through the RPG tonic how well it worked in the first part. The result is a title that allows you enjoy the town of south parkhis sense of humor without borders and a fine, fine combat system.



You can keep the first if you prefer to live a story a little more tragic and dark; or with the second, if yours is the more casual action; but the fact is that the games of Darkness they work as excellent adaptations of the story of Jackie Estacado, one of the most recent comic book antiheroes, to the interactive medium.

Apart from the fact that here you are part of the italian american mob and you do not come to do good precisely, which characterizes the Darkness style it is the use of darkness to be able to exploit abilities that usually lead to dismemberment, beheadingsheartbreaks… But aside, especially the first one is a very emotional game!

infamous 2


What can catch you from InFamous if you are looking for a game TheBoys it is, on the one hand, the treatment of morality through your actions; on the other, in the world of the InFamous superheroes are considered terroristsand that largely keeps that conversation about the dangerous status of superheroes in a realistic society and the ethical quagmire it entails.

Obviously, in both games the concept of morality moves to the playable sphere with a power mechanic in which the good deeds give us access to powers more softies, focused on reducing the enemy and moving more easily; Y the evil onesto others more aggressive and destructive.

Even if The Boys doesn’t have a game, these other 5 help me feel like an antihero