F1, Brazilian GP 2022: Interlagos report cards

The pass and fail of Interlagos in the report cards of the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix 2022

November 14, 2022

Lhe victory was supposed to arrive already in 2020, even then well deserved, but it vanished due to a technical problem: yesterday at last Russell he won his first grand prix, at the end of a weekend to be framed beyond the cover-up at the end of qualifying which, on closer inspection, has damaged his opponents more than anything else. Fast and decisive in the sprint race, on Sunday he keeps his pursuers at bay, also demonstrating a great competitive maturity and in the final he never offers the DRS to Hamilton, not a small feat considering how desperately the English wanted to win. Of course, the contact between Hamilton and Verstappen facilitates him, but Russell has the merit of already being in front of everyone and in any case the impression is that he would still have had every chance to win. Rated 10 and praisethe beginning of a story to be written.

Vote 8 to Hamilton, good at recovering in the sprint race and excellent second on Sunday even if the victory is missing due to an excess of enthusiasm with Verstappen: yes, we know that the stewards have punished the Dutchman, but it is also true that the two were almost completely side by side and the Brit took the corner as if Max wasn’t there, not the kind of move to do with someone who even slips through half a car. In short, an excess of enthusiasm paid dearly, but giving a different interpretation to the words of Hamilton …. “it’s Max”.

Rated 8.5 to Sainz, the only one in Ferrari who at Interlagos has not lost his clarity, author of a good comeback in the sprint race where he showed he can also be aggressive when needed and again on Sunday, between penalties at the start and forced early stop. After the last safety car, perhaps he could also aim for the big target, but Perez makes him waste too much time. However, it remains a weekend of great speed and solidity.

4th an enraged Leclerc, which, however, is far from faultless: first of all, if the track is dry and you mount your wet tires, is it possible that you are waiting to be a track to plant a mess over the radio? And even with Norris, given the huge difference in speed, did it make sense to take such a big risk by attempting to overtake there? Grade 5begins to lack clarity.

Instead, it was a rejuvenating Sunday for Alonso, after a Saturday too bad to be true, in which the Spaniard first gets into trouble by attempting a risky overtaking outside on Ocon (famous for giving way to teammates …) then completes the job by buffering it in full straight, also remedying a penalty on the grid. Worse than that … how he managed to finish 5th on Sunday only Fernando knows, the one who already has a foot and a half out of the team, nothing to prove but to himself but continues to pull like and more than twenty years ago . Vote 8 for resilience.

Sixth a Verstappen less brilliant than usual, but once again phenomenal for where he braked in an attempt to overtake Hamilton, and the Dutchman was perfectly inside the track, let’s remember … but at Interlagos the capricious child who denies the 6th place in the Comrade Perez, to whom you owe something much greater … Grade 5 for the ability to be loved, even within the team.

Grade 5 however also a Pereznot so much because of the final falling due to medium tires when everyone around him had the soft, but because once more he made it clear how much Verstappen is putting his own in the Red Bull triumphs, being all too easy prey for both Mercedes and the Ferraris.

Points too Or withonce again, however, resized by Alonso: luck that next year the Spaniard changes air because for the former young French promise the confrontation with the “retiree” begins to become embarrassing. Rating 6.5 because in any case he does not lack the ability to elbow among other cars, at least that.

TO points a reborn Bottas, which after several oblivion competitions takes on a dusty Sunday: the mystery remains of why he can’t always run like this. In the meantime, however, I vote 7 considering the means available which are anything but irresistible.

Incredibly in points Strollable in the end to put together the pieces of a race that seemed to be heading towards total anonymity, but it must be said that the Canadian had already had his moment of glory on Saturday when he pushed his teammate on the grass at 300 km / h squad. Grade 4 thinking about the consequences and the fact that he is a repeat offender (call Alonso): but does he never learn?

Out of points a Vettel who had appeared in great shape, both on Saturday and especially on Sunday in the early stages of the race: vote 7 regardless of the commitment.

Out of the points, vote 8 to Magnussen because the pole position will also have been the result of special circumstances, but the Dane has the merit of having completed a great lap where everyone obviously went a bit more cautious trying to understand the track first. On Saturday he uses his head without getting too stubborn to block cars that are much faster than him, too bad for the accident on Sunday in which for once he is completely innocent.


TO about, vote 3 to Ricciardoas always slow compared to Norris in qualifying and author of an evaluation error with Magnussen so evident as to be unjustifiable.

Grade 7 to Norris instead, although weakened he tries anyway, until the car leaves him on foot: it is certain that seeing how he gradually loses positions makes us understand the technical crisis of this Mclaren, but this is one more merit for the English driver.

We close with a flourish, so to speak, with the much discussed episode of the intermediates at Leclerc in Q3. When the track is dry in qualifying but it is about to rain there is only one thing to do: dash out of the pits with the slicks to record a time as long as you can, because if it really rains even with the intermediates you will never succeed. to make a better time. They are the basics. Sending a pilot who is intermediate on the track because it will rain in a few minutes makes no sense or justification. So vote 0 to the wall box of Maranello capable of yet another error bordering on parody. And to propose parodies, vote 4 to Binotto who from Italy declared that he had to understand why they mounted the wet tires on a dry track, practically imitating himself. When reality surpasses fantasy.

GP Brazil, the report cards

R.ussell 10 and praise

Sainz 8.5

Hamilton 8

Alonso 8

Magnussen 8

Bottas 7

Vettel 7

Norris 7

Ocon 6.5

Leclerc 5

Verstappen 5

Perez 5

Stroll 4

Ricciardo 3

Ferrari wall 0

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