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Mexico City.- Have you ever imagined that the actor Fernando Colunga, star of famous soap operas like Maria from the neighborhoodCould it inspire a metal band? As surreal as it sounds, a group from Serbia resumed not only their name, but also their artistic career.

Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience is a band from Pozarevac, a town located in eastern Serbia and, says the band’s vocalist, that was born under the idea of ​​parodying soap operas from this side of the world.

Do they watch Mexican soap operas in Serbia?

Although the idea was to make a satire of Latin American soap operas, the band points out that it was not about making fun of the actors but of making fun of cultures, but not in a pejorative sense, but in one that would show the similarities between societies.

Many rockers and metal fans do not admit that they secretly watch such soap operas with their families, but this happens often,” said vocalist Antonio Jovanovic, in an interview with BBC Serbia.

“It’s like wrestling: many say they don’t follow them and yet everyone knows what happens in them,” he added.

But who would imagine that Fernando Colunga would have an impact in a country as far away as Serbia?

This is explained because in the 1990s, telenovelas such as Esmeralda, María la del Barrio, I will never forget you Y Power and passion.

It was thus that in 2010, Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience or FCUE was formed, they define their style as death’n’roll, a combination of death metal and grindcore, both genres more aggressive than rockn’n roll and that incorporate screams in guttural end.

It was not until 2019 that the band began to become notorious thanks to social networks and due to the characteristic of its name, a multitude of memes appeared and the band went viral.

This is how the band was formed

Like many musical groups, FCUE emerged from a meeting of three friends who were simply looking to hang out.

“It all started in 2010, when bass player Marko Zivkovic was celebrating his birthday. Stefan Milenkovic, who would become the guitarist, asked me if he was interested in singing in a metal project that he was thinking of releasing. And I answered yes,” he says. Antony Jovanovic

The initial idea was to launch something simple and totally frivolous. Not just to parody Latin soap operas, but everything,” he added.

Thus, with the support of a computer for the drum section, Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience was born.

The actor, they remember, was a kind of Chuck Norris of Mexican television, and that caught their attention.

The first track of his EP Bloody and Brutal Telenovela, It is called “Fernando Colunga is the Chuck Norris of Mexican soap operas” and the lyrics are a satire of how they see the Mexican actor.

The EP doesn’t just stop there, most of the songs have titles from the soap operas in which Fernando Colunga participated but adapted to the rude style of a grindcore band, as an example “Esmeralda is a damn prostitute, I don’t love her anymore”, inspired by the telenovela “Esmeralda” where the aforementioned actor and Leticia Calderón participated.

After going viral, many memes emerged, so the band had to say their intentions and if they will travel to Mexico for a tour. However, the band has been separated for years and the members live their lives normally, so a trip to Mexico would be almost impossible.

“Mark runs a private company, Stefan has two children. Also, we would need to find a drummer and someone to go on tour as a tech,” he explains.

We have never left a message unanswered because if it wasn’t difficult for people to write to us and tell us that we are fantastic and very cool, it shouldn’t be difficult for us to answer them either”, says the musician.

With information from El Sol de México.

Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience: the metal band that was inspired by the Mexican actor | Zocalo Newspaper | News from Saltillo, Torreón, Piedras Negras, Monclova, Acuña