FFF: Shameful text messages from referee boss to underage referee scandalize the web

For a few weeks now, the Soccer French is plunged into turmoil. We no longer count the number of cases concerning players or members of the French Football Federation. In recent months, the Hamraoui affair has unleashed the crowds. While the PSG player, assaulted with an iron bar in November 2021, was lynched on social networks or in the press, it turns out that Aminata Diallo would have been at the initiative of her attack.. The latter is even indicted. His entourage, including Kadidiatou Diani’s boyfriend, would have done everything to put pressure on PSG to sign a new contract and get Hamraoui out.

In this almost Machiavellian plan, Romain Molina would have been used to convey certain messages. Another incredible affair, that of the Pogba brothers. Mathias, suspected of attempted extortion of funds from Paul, has also been indicted for a few days. To make matters worse, it is now the French Football Federation which finds itself in a scandal.

The boss of Ile-de-France referees in turmoil

A few days ago, Romain Molina and So Foot had swayed on certain behaviors within the FFA itself. Sexist or even inappropriate behavior on subordinates is pointed out. And even the president of 3F, Noel Le Graët, is concerned. Romain Molina had warned, he would publicly denounce other disgusting actions at the FFF.

This concerns Daniel Galletti, head of arbitration in Ile-de-France. He would have promised good refereeing grades to minors to move up in rank. “To do this, the conditions were to masturbate at home”. Still according to Romain Molina, The FFF fired him this summer upon learning these stories, but did not inform the police.

Text messages have also been published and they are chilling. See instead:

Internet users react

These revelations by Romain Molina caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

On Twitter, we could see in particular as comments on the subject:

  • “It’ll leave him alone, he didn’t hit a cat or take a private jet”
  • “But it’s the sex crank ball at the level of the authorities or?!”
  • “It’s serious, isn’t it? He will have 2 hours of glue permanently and can start again the next day”
  • “I understand some tweets better now. There are cultures in some countries that are frankly disgusting”
  • “I’m overwhelmed by the situation… @Romain_Molina everyone has been calling you a mythomaniac or a false alarm caller for months. It’s really terrible on all levels, a parody of the series The BOYS on scale world football except it’s real…”



FFF: Shameful text messages from referee boss to underage referee scandalize the web