Fratelli di Crozza 2022

The new edition of Brothers of Crozza it debuts on the last day of the election campaign, a Friday 23 September which marks not only the beginning of Autumn but also the end of one of the saddest pages in recent political history. Of this, of course, he will feed on the first episode of Fratelli di Crozzabroadcast this evening – Friday 23 September, in fact, in prime time on NINE and streaming on discovery +. Let’s say immediately that the program is produced by ITV Movie for Warner Bros. Discovery and is signed by Maurizio Crozza, Andrea Zalone, Francesco Freyrie, Vittorio Grattarola, Alessandro Robecchi, Alessandro Giugliano, Claudio Fois and Gaspare Grammatico, directed by Massimo Fusi, the scenography of a professional gentleman like Marco Calzavara and the photography of Daniele Savi.

If on the one hand the election campaign tail – and of this in particular – provides josa with cues for the satirical tale by Maurizio Crozza, it is also true that the level playing field, understood in this case above all as the ‘need’ to represent all the protagonists of these last months, it can create some narrative imbalance: too much meat in the fire for a single episode, in short. What is certain is that among the new protagonists of the season there are Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta.

Fratelli di Crozza, previews of the first episode

In addition to that of Giorgia “I am a mother” Meloni and Enrico “Occhi di tigre” Letta, Maurizio Crozza prepared in less than two weeks the parody of the late Charles, Prince of Wales now King Charles III: the news, in this case global, calls and Crozza responds taking a cue from the very first releases, and gaffes, official of the new sovereign in official circumstances. The launch of the new parody could only be linked to the misadventures with fountain pens and inkwells that revealed the character of the new King and queen consort Camilla. To return to our home, space for the Nobel Prize Giorgio Parisiwhich teaches Italians how to save gas by cooking pasta.

Fratelli di Crozza, the review

A theater full of public, rigorously masked, welcomes Maurizio Crozza who follows his well-established scheme by building a single narrative thread that starts from the inept Charles III and passes through his mother, the strong and stable woman that we too would need. And thus, rather quickly, we arrive at the two political figures of the season, Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta. If the TVs have dreamed of a direct confrontation between the leader of the Brothers of Italy and the secretary of the PD, Crozza solves the problem by attacking both frontally both in the explanation that anticipates the parodies and in the imitations themselves.

Of the first – the leader of the two faces, the Atlanticist and the nationalist one, the reassuring one and the ‘worrying’ one – she draws not only a parody in which she recalls the origins of Garbatella, but above all recalls the political exploits, from the vote for Ruby, Mubarak’s nephew at 16 in Parliament (she entered in 2006). But the success of Meloni is only a consequence: the cause is, for Crozza, all the secretaries of the PD who have followed one another in the last 20 years and that “they worked tirelessly to bring melons from 4% to Palazzo Chigi“.

Hence, therefore, the passage a Enrico Letta is immediate: the continuous reference to his experience at Science Politique at the Sorbonne in Paris, cited at every turn in his speeches, that rhetorical ‘weakness’ in the electoral campaign so far removed from the “tiger eyes” that should have frightened the Right they transform into a leader without leadership. Crozza does not send them to tell him, summing up that he “left the cults in Paris, where he taught at Science Politique”.

The Par Condicio makes him talk a little about everyone: he cites Dragonsanother novelty, parodied while receiving awards that others should have received, like With you (just quoted), shows the Di Maio flying over the pizza chefs of Naples, recovers the Matteo ‘Jerry Lewis’ Renzi which was his workhorse with a sprinkling of Carlo Calenda and gets to Silvio Berlusconiof which he retrieves the declaration made at Porta a Porta on Putin who wanted “only to put a government of decent people in Zelensky’s place“.

“Silvio, how much [email protected] Putin gave you to make you say these [email protected]? “

summarizes Crozza before dedicating a space to him under the banner of the landing on Tik Tok. Salvini and Conte are missing.

On the ‘civil’ front – or rather between political and ‘civil’ – we move between the return of Minister Cingolani, the new parody of the Nobel Prize. Parisi anda Flavio Briatore from the accent that crosses Cuneo and Genoese. The only real consolation, the only real ‘sans souci’ smile is with King Charles III, unable to do everything. But all all all …

Brothers of Crozza

The heart of this debut, however, is all in the political part that offers a review of ‘specks’ on which, however, there is really nothing to laugh about. The program retains this structure by now increasingly oriented towards the political explanation seasoned by the ‘comic’ parody and less and less by the satire ‘as such’, than that which highlights the contradictions and weaknesses of a character without conceding much to the didactic. Which instead tends to abound.

In conclusion, the invitation to go and vote and “enjoy this weekend in freedom because it is the last… of September“.

And next Friday we start again. In all senses.

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