From 22 to 28 December three new shows at the municipal auditorium of Polistena

The programming of “The Theater in All Senses”, the new season presented by DRACMA – Experimental Center for Performing Artsone of the most active and consolidated companies in the Calabrian area, and which from this year can also boast the official recognition of the Ministry of Culture as Theater programming organization”.

on the stage ofMunicipal Auditorium of Polistena (RC)between 22 and 28 December, three appointments are scheduled, between art theater and contemporary dance.

Let’s go Thursday 22 December at 21:00 with “Opera Temptations”a production of the company Create Dancewhich sees the direction and choreography of Philip Stable. One act freely inspired by Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata, Nabucco and Aida and by Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly and Tosca, in which opera becomes a source of inspiration for dance creativity. Thus the “bodies” become “voice” and, through them, a possible and suggestive visual narration takes shape. The use of the public in turn becomes experience and interprets symbols and characters, in a shared fantastic vision of the show where, in the wake of the contemporary, intersections of gesture, sound, image and word are experienced.

Friday 23rd Decemberalways at 21:00, the protagonist is a production Chiasmacreated in collaboration with the Romaeuropa Foundation, “Outdoor Dancefloor”directed and choreographed by Salvo Lombardo, who is also the protagonist on stage together with Daria Greco. A performance conceived as a dance platform for spaces not dedicated to clubbing, as in this case the stage of a theater. Already in its previous works, the Chiasma group has identified in the physical space of the music club and in the club culture a hybrid dimension in which dance and music become a territory of liberation of the bodies and an opportunity for the affirmation of a “politics” of the body that transcends social and gender conventions. The performers Daria Greco and Salvo Lombardo weave the points of a choreographic action based on a series of imitable movement sequences and supported by the relationship with the musical, sound and visual pulsation of a multimedia live set, where rougher sounds with a patina digital and industrial meet the aesthetics of techno music to open up to synth pop, tropical, R&B landscapes and symphonic inserts. After the choreographic action of the performers, the public will be invited to join the flow of the action to experience, in turn, through the dance, new relational dynamics, echoes and reverberations of the movement. An act of pure sharing, sociability and aggregation of bodies.

The December 28th we return to theatrical languages ​​with a production Sancio CastleMom, little minimal tragedies”, by Annibale Rbird, directed by Roberto Bonaventura and with Gianluca Cesale. Work written by one of the cult authors of the Italian theater, Annibale Rbird, died prematurely in 1986 in a road accident, representative of the “new Neapolitan theater” and already the author of highly appreciated texts such as “Ferdinando” and “Le cinque rose di Jennifer”. “Mamma, small minimal tragedies” is the last text written by the artist from Campania, four short one-act plays, in which at the center of everything is the figure and feeling of the mother who, in a crescendo of madness, takes on disturbing and violent in a context of apparent comedy that slips into the grotesque. Four different women, named Maria, and an actor alone to play them. The language spoken by Rbird’s characters, often belonging to classes living on the social margins, has a particular charm, enlivened by the frankness of the dialect and by the parody of television Italian, and tells small tragedies of everyday lifesqualid realities lived without the ability to choose, understand, change.

The new season of DRAMA features shows that try to give a sense of the complexity of an increasingly uncertain presentstaging the magic, the contradictions, the comedy and at the same time the dramas of our present. Great names of the Italian theater and very young already established artists they will continue to take turns in the coming months on the Polistena stage, with shows recognized and appreciated by national critics and the general public.

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From 22 to 28 December three new shows at the municipal auditorium of Polistena – Ciavula