From the bottom of his cell, Patrichi Tanasa proclaims his innocence and denounces a travesty of justice

Has the law really been said in the Patrichi Tanasa case against the Gabonese state? No, again the person concerned who, from the bottom of his cell, wanted to demolish not only the accusations of embezzlement of public funds brought against him but the travesty of justice to which he was entitled for 3 days. The former powerful boss of the Gabon Oil Company and its subsidiaries points an accusing finger at the presidential palace, which in truth reproaches him for having fomented a coup d’etat which was certainly dead in the bud.

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Would Patrichi Tanasa, Ike Ngouoni and the other former strongmen of the presidential palace pay for crimes they did not commit? Yes, according to the former managing director of Gabon Oil Company who, in a open letter published since this Saturday, valiantly accredits this thesis of the judicial conspiracy orchestrated by the current supporters of the presidential palace including Noureddin Bongo and Clotaire Oligui Nguema (boss of the Republican Guard) named.

Embezzlement charges swept aside

After having brilliantly demonstrated that his management of the state oil company had regained color under his magisterium in 18 months, Patrichi Tanasa refuses to be classified as a “embezzler” as concluded by the Gabonese justice in its verdict handed down July 20 by the Special Criminal Court of Libreville. “When I took office in May 2018, all of the group’s entities were in the red. These facts are objective and verifiable and even verified as we have demonstrated“, he advanced in his open letter.

A snapshot of the prosecution trial against the accused

My past management at the head of Gabon Oil has never been criticized by those who control it, namely the board of directors and the auditors.“, from which he therefore does not understand his imprisonment, even less the charges which earned him another 9 years in prison and to pay 20 billion to the State in damages. The former senior official sees it rather as the black hand of the Gabonese presidential palace in this dark case of parody of justice.

Not guilty

When I left my position at the head of GOC/GOM/SOGARA, the accounts were credited with more than 120 billion FCFA, including more than 50 billion FCFA in the GOM accounts (as evidenced by the bank statements sent to the DGR at the beginning of the instruction). Which destinations took these resources, I leave you alone judges. But the future will tell!“, proclaims Patrichi Tanasa who denounces the work of black hands. This, while the government press at the time evoked a hole of 85 billion in the coffers of the company.

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But the advocacy of the former Gabonese oil manager does not stop there. He also denounces the torture, threats and other intimidation suffered. “Over the past two years, I have been held in degrading conditions, imprisoned and put in solitary confinement in the worst disciplinary cells; and to top it off, I was violently attacked and tortured inside my cell, by hooded cowards, who said that it was better to negotiate with the State. After tying me up, taking naked pictures, and threatening to kill my children and rape my girlfriend“, evokes the prisoner.

A corrupt judicial administration

Before charging the judicial administration. “We have suffered all these injustices, under the complicit and complacent gaze of justice, and of all those who are responsible for the moral balance of our society. The Special Criminal Court, this illustrious court had the power to repair these injustices before the History of our country and the duty towards posterity to bequeath a noble heritage. History will remember each of us. And the Lord will reward everyone according to his works“, he advances.

Are we in a country in which we condemn good and promote evil? The outcome of this trial has answered this crucial question, and this answer will resonate through generations.“, he continued. Because for him, “Madam the examining magistrate took many shortcuts, by making the report say what it does not say, thus distilling through her order the doubt in the minds of the jurors“. And sound the charge: “Everyone will then understand that my accusation, is only the fact of the fertile imagination of those who accuse me“.

The black hand of the presidential palace

Wondering about the judicial harassment of which he claims to be a victim, Patrichi Tanasa did not fail to look towards those who pull the strings. “However, I would like to share here the surprise which was mine and that of my “Scorpion” co-detainees to have heard the constant hammering, by the former head of the DGSS (General Directorate of Special Services of the Gabonese Presidency, editor’s note), who became Cochef (commander-in-chief, editor’s note) of the Republican Guard, and his henchmen, that we were political prisoners, and that we were not in prison for questions of money, but for an alleged “attempt coup d’etat”“.

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According to Ali Bongo’s praetorian guard, the prisoners of the clean hands operation called “scorpion” are only in the jails of Gabonese prisons for having committed the crime of lèse majesté to overthrow Ali Bongo. The charges of embezzlement of public funds would therefore only be window dressing thrown at the judicial institution to justify their deprivation of liberty. Serious allegations that will naturally be denied by the prosecution and those concerned at heart. All in a symbiosis that does not say its name.

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From the bottom of his cell, Patrichi Tanasa proclaims his innocence and denounces a travesty of justice