Gabicce presents “Our Christmas”: all the events organized for the holidays

GABICCE – It took place in the Mississippi of Gabicce the presentation of the program of Christmas events, in the presence of the associations that collaborated in its implementation. Also this year, Christmas in Gabicce Mare will once again come alive with moments of sharing, open-air initiatives, meetings with citizens in the squares, activities organized by local associations. Music, songs, workshops, markets, entertainment, will enliven the program which this year takes its name “Our Christmas”. “Our” indicates and reinforces above all a sense of belonging and community. “Ours” also as a characterizing element of a unique territory that manages to show its extraordinary beauty even in the winter season, when the climate becomes colder and the colors fade.

City Brand

For Christmas 2022, in the wake of the dominant event of the summer – namely the inauguration of the Mississippi – the graphic image conceived by Laura D’Amico and inspired by the city brand Gabicce Maremonte, takes up precisely the connotative symbols of the completely restored historic venue and returned to the community. Mississippi becomes “home”, a once-familiar place that belongs to the city and its inhabitants. And if this “house” is placed in a ball on the Christmas tree, then it also becomes a magical place, capable of arousing wonder. We all know that warm feeling we get every time we decorate the tree.

The guiding image

It will be the image that will enter every home almost like an object to be admired and to give us a moment of serenity; the guiding image of the whole program of Christmas initiatives created by the Municipality of Gabicce Mare and all the associations in the area, and schools, voluntary groups and sports associations which once again have implemented their proactive strength to animate the Holiday weeks.

The calendar opened on December 3rd

The calendar will be inaugurated on 3 and 4 December with the Christmas Village of the Sea, organized by the Visit Gabicce Foundation and which will also involve other associations with moments of animation and entertainment. On December 4th at 3.30 pm there will be the usual appointment with “Santa Claus comes from the sea” in collaboration with the Vele d’Epoca Association which makes its precious boats available to bring our sailor Santa Claus to land who will collect the children’s letters to turn their wishes into reality. As a side dish there will be the special “Christmas Together” market/exchange organized by the voluntary associations which will brighten the two afternoons with objects, gift ideas, games and sweet refreshments with hot drinks offered by Auser.

Christmas concerts

For fans of Christmas concerts there will be musical events that will make us fully experience the atmosphere of Christmas. On 8 December, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, two appointments are scheduled, the concert by the Children’s Choir of the Creobicce School of Music directed by M. Federico Raffaelli at 16 in Piazza Matteotti and in the evening at the Cinema Teatro Astra the great Christmas concert with the Coro Lirico della Regina and Sant’Ermete, directed by M. Gilberto del Chierico, a solemn moment also for the traditional exchange of greetings.

The initiative promoted by the Lions Club in collaboration with the Istituto Comprensivo G. Lanfranco “A poster for peace” is scheduled for 10 December at the Creobicce Civic Center at 3 pm, which will reward the most beautiful and original drawings made by the youngsters.

An extraordinary event will instead be at 9 pm at the Cinema Teatro Astra with Danilo Rea as the protagonist, one of the most creative pianists on the national and international jazz scene produced by Ergo Sum and directed by Alessandra Pizzi.

School events

The initiatives on the calendar will continue with the projects dedicated to Christmas in the Dolce Colle and Case Badioli primary schools and the Ponte Arcobaleno Infant School created directly by the children under the careful guidance of their teachers: on 9 December “Christmas Harmony” at the school Primary School Sweet Hill; on 10 December the primary school of Case Badioli will meet under the big tree to exchange greetings; on 13 December the children of the Ponte Arcobaleno Infant School will perform in Piazza Municipio with “The signs of Christmas”; and finally, on December 18, the Dolce Colle Primary School will present “Natale da Favola” at the church of Ponte Tavollo.

For those who want to keep fit, the second edition of the Walk of the Neighborhoods proposed by the Banda del San Bartolo is scheduled for Sunday 11 December at 9, by now known for its rich excursion program along the paths of the area.

While another walk dedicated to peace, “The torchlight procession of Friendship” will involve citizens on December 16 at 6 pm, starting from the Church of Ponte Tavollo.

On 11 December the exhibition set up at the Mississippi “L’altro Mare” will end with i

evocative shots by Gabriele Nastro dedicated to the sea in winter. For the closure of the exhibition space, as a finissage initiative, the Il Fortino association will propose at 5 pm a nostalgic story of images and words “Ode to Gabicce” which will have the past of our city with its traditions as its protagonist.

We will talk again about tradition in Mississippi, but this time in a gastronomic key, in the appointment of December 12 at 7.30 pm promoted by the ALICE Association, the first edition of an award inspired by traditional recipes which will also be a charity evening in favor of aism.

The Christmas calendar also renews the appointment for grandparents on Saturday 17 December at Creobicce at 4 pm, who, having reached the beautiful age of 80, will receive the recognition

by the municipal administration.

On the evening of 17 December everyone at the Cinema Teatro Astra at 9 pm to see an amusing theatrical comedy “The parody of the Betrothed” organized thanks to the contribution of the Multiservice Hotel Group.

Sunday 18 December at 3 pm, in the Ponte Tavollo sports area there will be a party dedicated to conviviality organized by Auser to inaugurate the bowling green. For the occasion, the SSD Gimanall Pesaro will perform with its little athletes in a number of rhythmic gymnastics.

On 23 December, throughout the afternoon, the long-awaited Santa Claus train in the Quarters with its retinue of festive and industrious elves, will deliver the gifts to the children of Gabicce Mare.

It’s not Christmas without a reminder of faith and tradition. Also this year in the charming village of Gabicce Monte, guardian of the history of Gabicce and its past, one of the most eagerly awaited events is renewed, the Living Nativity Scene on December 26th and January 6th. Many extras coordinated in the organization by the Il Borgo dei Grilli Parlanti Association will transform the historic center into a small Bethlehem and enliven shops of ancient arts and crafts set up in the internal streets of the village, up to the grotto of the Nativity with the Holy Family.

The program concludes in joy on January 6 with the Arrival of the Befana in Gabicce Monte, the historic initiative organized by the Avis Comunale of Gabicce Mare, who awaits the children in her home to give away socks and sweets. At 18 instead at the cloister of the Church of Maria SS Immacolata there will be the awarding of the Family Cribs organized by the MCL Circle.

We also remember the entertainment activities such as the Tombola of the MCL Club from 9 December to 8 January; two appointments at the Center for families organized by Il Maestrale on 11 and 17 December at 3 pm; and the playful appointments of GioGrà at Creobicce with board games and other activities organized by the Consulta dei Giovani on the evenings of 13, 20 December and 7 January.

Information and insights on the program are available to everyone on the website of the Municipality of Gabicce Mare, on the Facebook page and at the Sport and Culture Tourism Service of the Municipality of Gabicce Mare, tel. 0541-820614.

Gabicce presents “Our Christmas”: all the events organized for the holidays