Gabrielle Destroismaisons | The still hot fire of Et cetera

Heard in the movie Vanishing linesin the series The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up and at the conclusion of Rosalie Vaillancourt’s Just for Laughs gala, And so onthe absolute success of Gabrielle Destroismaisons, had in 2022 its best year since its publication in 2000.

“Gabrielle Destroismaisons was our pop star Quebec. It was our Britney Spears to us, “exclaims the co-director of Vanishing lines Catherine Chabot. Exaggeration? One thing is certain: the interpreter ofAnd so on occupies a different, not at all ironic place in the imagination of millennials than other of these artists who are essentially remembered for a single chorus. In other words: no one talks about Jacynthe or Infini-T with the same gently euphoric reverence as Gabrielle Destroismaisons.

“I don’t know how it’s done! exclaims the main interested party, about the resurgence of popularity of her inflammable tube, which has never left the airwaves of the radios, but which had rarely been celebrated as much as in recent months. Other examples of this enthusiasm? To the bare, almost tearful cover of Safia Nolin launched in 2019, Claudia Bouvette added her own, more trip-hop, in April.

There’s something bigger than me in there. I’ve always said it: I’m a lucky singer.

Gabrielle Destroismaisons

Katherine Levac was also quite lucky last July, when she sang a parody ofAnd so on in the company of her friend and her childhood idol. Rather than singing the indecency of their thoughts, the two new mothers then confessed an even more burning desire, that of seeing their offspring finally fall asleep: “One look and I changed you / Go to bed my love”.


Katherine Levac, Gabrielle Destroismaisons and Rosalie Vaillancourt

Let’s talk about a full circle for the comedian, a real fan who, at the end of the line, fervently describes the looks worn by the singer – “la camisole ty die pink, red, jeans washed to perfection” – on the album cover Etc…, which she scrutinized for a long time. This is because, in her secondary school, in Hawkesbury, it was out of the question for a dance or song number to put forward a text in English. The problem ? Too few French-speaking artists really appealed to the ears of teenage girls.

The person who picked up a song by Gabrielle Destroismaisons or Andrée Watters was damn lucky, because his song was going to be good and everyone would find it. cool.

Katherine Levac

A real good song

The bursts of Latin timpani punctuating the intro, the few sentences filtered through the autotune, the dance-pop rhythm very believe of Cher; the composers ofAnd so on, Alexis Dufresne and Antoine Sicotte, had clearly assimilated the pop trends of the time. But Gabrielle Destroismaisons has never been an exact replica of Britney or Christina. Despite her 18 years, the admirer of Bob Dylan and Sarah McLachlan knew how to express her likes and dislikes.


Gabrielle Destroismaisons

I remember so much sitting in front of people at the record company and saying, ‘I love her, Britney, but I don’t want to be Britney. Singing with a headset, doing choreography, I hate that.” I was super assumed, I had the attitude to the end.

Gabrielle Destroismaisons

“Gabrielle had such a true side that when I was young, I said to myself: ‘That could be my friend'”, recalls Katherine Levac as to this additional truth which was immediately perceptible in the daughter of Saint-Lin. –Laurentians.

thatAnd so on be heard both in The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up and in Vanishing lines – two karaoke scenes! – testifies of course to the age of the creators of these works.

“But it’s a really good song, And so on ! launches Catherine Chabot. We have the right to put it in a playlist and love it for real, like a Destiny’s Child song. »

Nothing better describes the relationship of complicity and power uniting the characters of Audrey (Catherine Chabot), Sabina (Mariana Mazza) and Valérie (Léane Labrèche-Dor) than the choreography accompanying their interpretation as a three, but with Valérie well ahead .


Catherine Chabot, Léane Labrèche-Dor and Mariana Mazza in Vanishing lines

“This song is very unifying for thirty-somethings, because it brings us back to our first parties basement and discovering lots of things”, observes the actress, referring to the rather suggestive lyrics, signed France Robert. “It’s a song that speaks to the heart. And to the body.

At a karaoke near you

Gabrielle Destroismaisons, who has just celebrated her 40th birthday on December 29, is well aware of the privilege represented by the space she occupies in the memory of an entire generation. “But for a long time, I thought I was a failure,” she says. Every day, I met people who asked me: “Why don’t we see you anymore?” My relatives told me that if they asked me that question, it was because they loved me, but it was very difficult to feel that I was no longer anything. I no longer had much self-esteem. »


Gabrielle Destroismaisons won the Félix for revelation of the year in 2001.

Her return to school, in order to obtain her high school diploma, will help her to put her trajectory into perspective and to understand that “it’s important not to build your self-esteem on success,” she says. It is not because you are successful that you are worth something or that you are no longer worth anything because you no longer have it”.

She now hopes her three albums will finally be released to streaming platforms – her former manager and original owner of the album’s master tapes. Etc…, Maryolen Paquin, did not respond to our requests on this subject. Fortunately, there is the soundtrack of Boys IIIthanks to which And so on can be found on Spotify and company.


Gabrielle Destroismaisons

And does Gabrielle Destroismaisons still sing? She never really hung up her microphone. She will also be from the musical review Our icons in July at the Hector-Charland Theater in L’Assomption. But to hear And so on ? You have better luck elsewhere. “What I like to do when I go to karaoke is choose And so on, without drawing too much attention to me. I start to sing it and there, quietly, there are eyes that turn around. My pleasure is to see the surprise. »

Gabrielle Destroismaisons | The still hot fire of Et cetera