Giorgia Meloni in Florence, over two thousand people for the dinner / event. «Mandela? Ridiculous Nardella “

«I hope Meloni’s ambitions stop in front of Mandela’s memory». “Nardella is ridiculous, what he did not think yesterday he pretends to think today to get two or three votes for the Democratic Party in enormous difficulty”. The question and answer between the mayor of Florence and the leader of Fdi is remote. But not too much, given that Giorgia Meloni has arrived in the Tuscan capital. Two thousand and three hundred people were waiting for her at the dinner / party event – participation fee 50 euros – that Mandela Forum was moved from Piazza Santa Croce due to the threatening weather. Precisely the naming of the building in the Cure district is the subject of conflict from the hours preceding the event: «Meloni – writes Nardella on social media – did not choose just any place. Mandela is an honorary citizen of Florence and his name is linked to our city because we share the same values. I wonder, Does Meloni realize that they embody opposite values?“. Replication is not long in coming. First by the group of Brothers of Italy in the Tuscan Regional Council, then by Meloni herself: «I would like to point out to him that this is the second time we have an event here: the first time the referent of the Nelson Mandela Forumappointed by the Municipality and the mayor, handed me the key to the cell. Hadn’t the very lucid mayor Nardella noticed? Since I am a serious person and used to serious issues, I don’t answer stupid things, then when Nardella wants to talk about apartheid and immigration I’m here… while the left in his living rooms pretends not to see these desperate stories ». Words replicated to the audience in the central moment of the show, when she takes the stage.

Several dozen journalists and photographers gather on the steps. There is also the reporter for the Times and the Japanese reporters: «We have come to understand – they explain – what the next Prime Minister will be and where is Europe going “. The outgoing and re-nominated parliamentarian Giovanni Donzelli – a Florentine who lives in Prato – is like a shadow: he follows and precedes the leader, at the microphone he dictates the timing of the evening. The soundtracks by Ennio Morricone, My Way by Franck Sinatra, Coldplay: a string quintet, accompanied by trumpet and piano, is the soundtrack of the wait. On that same stage where two years ago, to tell the truth with a good dose of self-irony, Meloni went up to sing the parody-song that obsessively repeats the mantra of his speeches: “I’m Giorgia, I’m a woman …”. On the right sit at the table (round 10; menu: risotto, cheek, mashed potatoes) the Florentine militants, more than a thousand. Same numbers for the left wing, those who arrived from all over Tuscany: evening dresses for women and shirts for men. A handful of forty people push to take a selfie with Ignazio La Russa. There are all the candidates in Tuscany – from Fabrizio Rossi to Chiara la Porta -, all the center-right mayors of Tuscany except Vivarelli Colonna from Grosseto, “held back by a personal commitment”.

“In the case of a missing majority, which I don’t think will happen, then we risk going back to a rainbow government. At that point, the contribution of the Brothers of Italy would be lacking », assures Meloni. Which speaks of the “end of the strongholds” – “where you think there are as here in Florence you stop governing and only power is administered, the Democratic Party will lose consensus as happened in Pistoia”. Finally, the hottest topic in Tuscany, the Piombino regasification terminal: «I understand the position of the mayor (Francesco Ferrari, FdI), he and I understand very well that regasifiers in Italy are needed and that they are needed as soon as possible. So what’s the solution to this problem? We have the obligation to check whether at the same time, therefore, without lengthening the time, there may be a more adequate location than that of Piombino in order not to make all the sacrifices fall on the same city. If that alternative did not exist, then for once it will be necessary to demonstrate that there is a different policy in offering the necessary compensation to the city, right for the city ».

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8 September 2022 | 21:28


Giorgia Meloni in Florence, over two thousand people for the dinner / event. «Mandela? Ridiculous Nardella ”