GTA 6: release date, setting, characters, everything we know

Lots of information emerged on GTA 6 in the last few hours. Let’s take stock of what we know about the official and unofficial game.

Last February, Rockstar Games announced that the next game everyone has been waiting for, GTA 6, is now officially in development. The new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series has been long awaited by fans, since the last iteration is almost a decade ago. Thanks to the official leaks and announcements, there are some things we already know about the game, and there are big changes coming for GTA fans. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming GTA 6.

When does GTA 6 come out? –

There is no official release date for GTA 6, but the development team said the game has been in the works for about three years. Rockstar explained that it will reveal more information soon, which may include a vague launch window. Looking at previous releases and how long development has begun, we expect the most optimistic release date to be the Christmas period of 2024. Some have suggested that we won’t see the game until 2026, which we can’t. exclude a priori.

What is the setting of GTA 6? –

Rockstar hasn’t officially revealed the setting for GTA 6, but rumors began to circulate about it after publisher Take-Two Interactive began removing some mods that had introduced a new “map”. Vice City, beloved by fans of the series, was in fact introduced into the game by modders, with a variety of upgrades implemented over the years. Take-Two began requesting the removal of the maps in question this year, prompting many to believe that Rockstar was creating something of its own in the same setting.

In September, a hacker managed to illegally download nearly 100 clips from a preliminary build of the game. These videos, whose veracity has been confirmed, support previous rumors, suggesting that the game will be set in the fictional version of Miami signed by Rockstar. However, while 2002’s Vice City is set in the 1980s, GTA 6 seems to be positioning itself in the present day. The clips also showed other locations, such as a swamp, and some already known such as the Malibu Club and the Ocean View Hotel.

Is there a female protagonist? –

Ever since the development of GTA 6 was announced, there have been a lot of rumors about this topic. The leaks suggest that the next chapter would have two protagonists – a man and a woman – in a modern interpretation of Bonnie and Clyde.

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The leaked footage so far seems to confirm this. The game seems to have two protagonists called Lucia and Jason, and they were both seen in the clips that emerged from the leak. Bonnie and Clyde are explicitly mentioned in the game’s code, which suggests that the two were actually a real inspiration for Rockstar Games. The leaks showed the two engaged in a robbery in a diner, aiming the weapon at the cashier like real robbers.

What weapons will be available? –

Currently, the firefights and melee fights seem similar to those of GTA V but, as the build is still preliminary, it is expected that Rockstar will enrich them significantly in time for launch. Close combat weapons will return, such as the club bat, crowbar and baseball bat. In the leaked footage, it was also possible to see an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a missile launcher and a pistol.

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Some think there may also be dual-wielding, as in one passage Lucia can be seen holding one weapon in her left hand and another in her right. It would be a first for the series. It also appears that weapons such as shotguns and pistols will be visible on the character’s body, similar to what was seen in Red Dead Redemption 2. There may also be medi-kits and other types of healing, which would allow players to restore their health. and receive buffs during battles. We also saw a player lean out of the car and shoot in all directions.

Will it be possible to create a custom character? –

There doesn’t seem to be a full character customization implemented so far, it looks like there will be ways to change the look of your character. In the footage that has appeared so far, Lucia has appeared with different clothes and haircuts, which leads us to think that there may be interchangeable options in the course of the adventure. Competitor Saints Row is known for its deep character customization, but it doesn’t look like Rockstar will follow suit with its next game, at least not in single-player story mode.

What will the humor be like in the game? –

Rockstar has said it will step back from some of the more bigoted language and jokes that have been included in GTA in the past. While the leaks haven’t confirmed this, we have seen a different kind of humor than in previous chapters. There was a lot of self-referential humor, for example, with lots of easter eggs that only longtime fans of the series could catch. We also saw a Facebook parody, complete with Mark Zuckerberg’s uncanny valley version.

Written by Georgina Young for GLHF

GTA 6: release date, setting, characters, everything we know