Halloween 2022: Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+!

Horror movies aren’t the only things to cause a stir on Halloween. Here is a top 5 movies (which are not scary) for the 31st.

Horror movies aren’t the only things to cause a stir on Halloween night. In effect, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ offer something completely different. MCE TV offers you a top 5!

Halloween is just around the corner

It’s official, Halloween can finally begin. If fans of all kinds of monsters and terror started celebrating this holiday several weeks ago, the time has officially come to celebrate the dead.

Moreover, for this Halloween party, nothing should be left to chance. Indeed, between the decorations, the disguises and the sweets, the fans of horror put the small dishes in the big ones. And yes, the latter pull out all the stops.

But if there is one element that is essential on the evening of October 31, it is the costume. And yes, the disguise imposes itself as the centerpiece of the evening. And that, the stars have understood. The latter cause a sensation every year in costumes that are each crazier than the next. Starting with Kendal Jenner who bet this year on Jessy’s character in ToyStory.

For her part, her sister Kylie Jenner also released the big game for Halloween. And for good reason, the young woman has transformed as Bride of Frankenstein. Something to surprise his fans who are not used to discovering it like this.

If the costume is essential on Halloween night, the plan for the evening is just as important. While some bet on a dance party, others prefer to watch a movie quietly at home. Thereby, here is a top 5 movies that are not too scary. MCE TV tells you more!

Top 5 movies to watch on October 31

Nothing is more effective than a good movie on Halloween night. If these inspire many costumes, they also allow you to spend a memorable evening. But don’t panic, horror is not the only theme of the evening. Thereby, here are 5 movie ideas (that aren’t too scary) to watch on the evening of October 31.

If there is a movie that is a hit every year on Halloween night it’s Shrek. Indeed, the cult cartoon available on Prime Video and Netflix makes many references to the tales of our childhood.

Always on the side of cartoons, The Funeral Wedding should also have its effect. Indeed, Tim Burton plunges Netflix subscribers into a romance as beautiful as it is macabre. To the delight of the most romantic viewers therefore.

Regarding the great Halloween classics, we find the famous musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Disney+. While the latter does not always make everyone agree, it stands out today as an essential film.

As for what’s new, Hocus Pocus 2 is likely to be a hit on Disney+. Indeed, while the first part was a huge success when it was released in 1990, the second part should follow the same path. Between black magic, humor and zombies, impossible to get bored watching the film.

To finish this special Halloween top, The city of fear on Prime Video is essential. It must be said that this cult parody still has its effect on the evening of October 31.

One thing is sure, Halloween promises to be memorable once again. Case to follow

Halloween 2022: Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+!