‘Harley Quinn’ is much more than the best superhero comedy in its season 3

Season 3 of ‘Harley Quinn’ has ended on HBO Max with a few episodes that have taken it beyond its usual rough and tumble parody of DC superheroes. With the relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy at the center, it has established itself as a fiction to be reckoned with.

By Marina Such – 16 Sep 2022

Animated series, even those aimed at adult audiences, are at greater risk of going unnoticed. Even titles as serious and with such a successful treatment of depression as bojack horseman they run that risk for being “of cartoons”. Within the series of superheroes, the general public is crazy with the savagery of TheBoyswhich satirises the genre with little restraint, and in the comedies section, The peacemaker It is the one that is often mentioned. Sharing a platform with her there is another series that shows off a humor that leaves no puppet with a head and a dose of violence that makes these two fictions pale: harley quinn.

Its season 3 has ended on HBO Max proving, however, that it is much more than splashes of blood and viscera on camera and the crazy plans that Harley comes up with to be a villain that everyone respects. These chapters have been built on the romantic relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy, which had been brewing in the two previous installments. In those we witnessed how Harley was looking for a way to separate herself from Joker forever and follow her own path, and in this one, the tables have turned towards what Ivy really wants.

She usually provides common sense in the face of unleashed enthusiasm and the madness of Harley, and she is also a character who, despite the fact that she was born in the comics as a villain (she is a metahuman capable of controlling plants at will), was winning over the public because her claims to fight against the mega-corporations that pollute the environment are, basically quite legitimate. The plot of her in the season starts like this, with good intentions, but as the saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with them.

Ivy has been carried away by her, theoretically, good intentions.

In the midst of genius like James Gunn directing an Oscar movie about Bruce Wayne’s father or Joker’s entire life as a family man, the series has been dedicated to delving into Ivy, from which we had seen, until now, how her misanthropy derived in part from the abandonment and loneliness she had suffered as a child. But she had been in the background to Harley’s evolution. Now that the two are together (and that the creators of the series, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, have assured that they will never separate while they are involved in fiction), Dr. Pamela Isles has had her moment of prominence, especially in the final stretch of the season.

Although it must be said that it is Batman who precipitates the decline of Ivy’s villainy due to his obsession in not getting over the murder of his parents. The eighth episode of the season, batman begins forever, is a brilliant commentary not only on the pop culture craze for showing Thomas and Martha Wayne dying again every time a new version of the character is made, but also on the clear underlying mental issues in all superheroes. . Not even Christopher Nolan’s much celebrated Batman gets that deep into his personality.

The murder loop that Harley finds herself trapped in when she enters Bruce Wayne’s mind (it’s a long story), his determination to keep a promise made by a traumatized childthe consequences of all the repression of her feelings… The chapter also allows Harley to apply that knowledge of psychology that she rarely uses and builds her as the most empathetic person in the entire series, as much as she wants to offer a face of an unpredictable and dangerous villain.

The relationship between Catwoman and Batman has been important in season 3 of'Harley Quinn'.
The relationship between Catwoman and Batman has been important in season 3 of ‘Harley Quinn’.

harley quinn laughed at millionaires far from reality and their decadent “customs” (that homage-parody of Eyes Wide Shut), of populist political campaigns, and only the couple formed by Harley and Ivy and Bruce’s trauma have been taken seriously. His inability to process that Catwoman doesn’t want to continue making out with him and, above all, that her parents have been dead for thirty years unleashes the pandemonium that devastates Gotham, and that drags Ivy to her worst instincts, those in which she is willing to do what she wants. it is in order to fulfill his promise to “terraform” the city again.

The two characters are united the difficulty in recognizing that they are going through a rough patch. Their stubbornness in ignoring feelings of grief, sadness or anger leads them to run away and cause all kinds of problems around them. One realizes before the other that he has screwed up, but only after a plague of planted zombies invades the city.

harley quinn has managed to string together these portraits with his usual jokes, and the entire season has been very marked by the weight of relationships between parents and children, because Gordon and Batgirl, Joker with his girlfriend’s children and King Shark with the legacy of his parent have had episodes dedicated to them. Nevertheless, never lost sight that the center was on ivy and harley, in how they work so that their relationship is not just “kidnapping” Elizabeth II with Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, but rather that there is trust and they can talk about what they feel and what they want. And that they dare to be honest with each other.

‘Harley Quinn’ is much more than the best superhero comedy in its season 3