He is a grocer and became a TikTok star with videos that parody his customers

Even though Riky Salvatierra He never set out to be famous, his taste for acting started when he was a kid. It was that interest that pushed him to join an acting workshop when he was still in high school. However, this 34-year-old from Tucuman never suspected that he would become a TikTok star by parodying the situations he lives in his store.

In the videos he shares on the platform he takes the character of a grumpy salesman He doesn’t hesitate to tell his customers what he thinks. He is jealous, thoughtless and has no problem losing sales due to his mistreatment.

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“I started doing viral audio dubbing, but it didn’t work. One day I made a video from the business and it went viral,” said the influencers in dialogue with TN Show. For him, who always used to share humorous clips without receiving many views, it was a surprise to surpass 1 million views in a few hours.

The influencer recreates situations from his work in the warehouse (Photo: Instagram / rikysalvatierra).

When detected by where was the interest of his followers, he did not stop betting on this type of content: “I said ‘it’s this way’ and I began to sketch situations that happened to me daily. And they all went viral, I think because people felt identified. From there I arrived and passed the million reproductions”.

To parody the experiences he lives in the warehouse, Riky began to ask your family and neighbors for help. That is why in her videos we see several friends from her neighborhood who have never studied anything related to acting: “Most of the people who appear in the videos are neighbors. The youngest is my godson. Cousins ​​and nieces also come out ”.

Riky Salvatierra leaves messages for his followers (Photo: Instagram / rikysalvatierra).

In this sense, and when we asked him how much reality there was in the character he plays, he assured that his way of attending to the videos is far from his daily work. “I make the clips with people I trust. Obviously I take care of the clients well, although there are times when I would like to react as in the sketchs, ”he assured him between laughs.

Today, with more than a million followers and surpassing the 17 million views on TikTok, Riky began working for brands in Tucumán that ask him for help to improve their presence on social networks. “They started calling me from clothing businesses, butcher shops, hypermarkets. And I put together sketches with the funny situations that they tell me, ”explained the man born in Concepción.

The story of Riky Salvatierra and his landing on TikTok

As for the arrival of success almost suddenly, Riky assures that it is something he had thought about for a long time: “I always liked the idea of ​​being known or famousI love that they recognize me in the street and ask me for photos. It was a dream come true”. Now, the influencer wants to try new directions: “I would like to do something on television. I didn’t have any proposals on TV, the closest thing was an advertisement for a well-known brand here, in Tucumán”.

(Photo: Instagram / rikysalvatierra).

For Riky, fame not only meant collecting millions of followers and various job offers, but also began to receive negative messages for what he does. “Yes they send me hate, but the bad comments are few compared to the good ones. They criticize my accent, they ask me why it’s so horrible. I leave the comments because all the interactions add up to me”. And he added: “I have a filter so that insults do not appear, but it does not hurt. There are people who like my humor, others who don’t. it’s a parody”.

He is a grocer and became a TikTok star with videos that parody his customers