He offers in the supermarket the dream legs of Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Facebook

News hardware He offers in the supermarket the dream legs of Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Facebook

Animated legs in Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse don’t exist yet, yet one internet user has come up with a miniature version of the Facebook CEO’s legs. At this level of the news, you are inevitably lost, it is normal.

We must immediately explain the context of this joke around the legs of Mark Zuckerberg. Two weeks ago, Meta presented a conference in the middle of metaverse precisely to present the technology. But what most people have learned, it’s that both it’s not beautiful and that when we see the CEO moving or even jumping, it’s not just the animation of his legs. Except that what started the sequel was when he said: “legs are probably the most requested feature on our roadmap.”

Internet, as usual, started making cartoons to poke fun at metaverse technology sometimes risky at the current stage. To the very point where a surfer had the wonderful idea of ​​offering Mark Zuckerberg’s legs in a supermarket. A miniature format like a collectible figurine. We can also see in the photo that he is surrounded by DC Comics figurines.

The Tweet is obviously to be taken literally and it is not an article for sale, but a caricature. We can thus read in the title of the photo:

Meta has finally announced its most requested feature: LEGS! When asked to comment, Mink Zuckelfarg said, “I’m very proud of our team’s accomplishments in the digital appendage industry. We’re here to solve very complex problems.

Everything is obviously to be taken with tweezers and a good dose of humor. We thus find the parody that is often made of Mark Zuckerberg describing him as a reptilian or a robot. Hence the continuation of the tweet which explains in a fake quote:

It is difficult to approach human behavior closely; things like blinking at a normal rate, or having legs (…) so we relied a lot on our human body expert: a computer. We fed the model with lots of video and audio clips of legs doing various things. Now we know EXACTLY what legs can and should do at all times.

On the fake product, we also find some jokes, as a warning “legless lizards aren’t technically snakes.” Followed by a list of things you can do with legs.

In the end, this parody is also there to show that the metaverse is gaining in popularity. Even if for the moment it’s more parodies, more than people really motivated to enter the universe. With the release of
Meta Quest Pro VR headset

at 1800 euros, Meta intends to strike hard and put the means so that his project succeeds.

To keep those most impatient to enter the metaverse on the cheap, the company has teased for next year, the future version of Meta Quest 3. An affordable helmet that should go from 300 to 500 dollars according to the first information.

He offers in the supermarket the dream legs of Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Facebook