Here are 3 games set in Miami to absolutely do while waiting for GTA 6

GTA will soon return to Vice City, its parody of Miami. To fill the wait, we present you 3 games to do that take place in this city of excess.

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Here are 3 games in Miami to absolutely do while waiting for GTA 6

Miami, a pop culture icon

Famous for Miami Beach’s waterfront and its position as first tourist port in the world, the Florida metropolis is about to return to the GTA saga, for better and for worse. Appeared on screen in countless works in film and television (Scarface, Donnie Brasco, Miami Vice, Sunday Hell, Dexter), the city of all excesses has well deserved to be parodied under the name of Vice City from the creators of GTA.

Regularly associated with the 1980s era, it is moreover this period which had been chosen by the developers, as a tribute. While GTA 6 is still far from our consoles, we bring you 3 games that take place in Miami and could give a clue about the vibe that awaits us in Rockstar’s next blockbuster.

3 iconic games with different styles

Unsurprisingly, the first game on our list is called GTA Vice City. In a sea of ​​references to scarface and Tony Montana, the story tells of the rise of Tommy Vercetti, a henchman betrayed by his family and set out on a quest to take over the city. Carried by his exceptional atmosphere and his fantastic soundtrackthe game has captured the hearts of many gamers.

Remastered as part of a compilation also including GTA III and GTA San Andreas, you have the opportunity to triple your pleasure in front of the first big titles from Rockstar. Click on the image to discover the offer.

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Let’s move on to a different title in many ways: Hitman 2. the stealth game with subtle mechanics and level-design takes Agent 47 to the four corners of the world, with a very remarkable passage in Miami. The assassination scenarios are not lacking in originality, and thehe profile of the different missions gives a clear idea of ​​what a contemporary Miami looks like. That’s good, since GTA 6 will most likely take place in our time.

Hitman 2 – €19.59 Warner Games Interactive

Finally, how not to quote Hotline Miami ? This top-down 2D action video game set in 1989 made an impression with its nervous rhythm, its typical atmosphere of the time and its limitless violence. The player’s objective is to clear all levels of enemies represented by the Russian mafia. To spice things up, each mission is influenced by the mask worn before each game — with unique bonuses and penalties with each mask.

We offer it here in a collection including the first game and its sequel, which allows players to create their own levels. The adventure is crazy and intense.

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Ready to take a leap into the city of vice?

Here are 3 games set in Miami to absolutely do while waiting for GTA 6