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It has gone viral on social media (here either here) a video of the Argentine soccer team celebrating in the locker room the victory of their team against the Mexican team after their match on November 26 in Qatar. In the images appears the Argentine Leo Messi allegedly kicking the Mexico shirt and they have been shared with messages that ensure that “Messi kicks the flag of Mexico” or that “he cleaned the floor with the shirt (shirt) and flag” from this country. In Maldita.es We tell you what we know about said video.

A video of the Argentine team celebrating their victory against Mexico

In the images Shared on social networks, the players of the Argentine team appear in a locker room celebrating the victory of their team against the Mexican team. At one point in the video, attributed to also Argentine soccer player Nicolás Otamendi, Leo Messi is seen sitting, with a Mexico shirt at his feet, at the moment in which he supposedly would have kicked. In the video you can see how Messi pushes his right boot with his left leg.

Screenshot from TikTok.

The images have generated some controversy that has led public figures such as the Mexican boxer Saúl Álvarez, better known as Canelo Álvarez, to ask Messi that “he has to respect Mexico”, as Mexicans respect Argentina.

Twitter screenshot.

No, Leo Messi has not published a photo on Instagram sweeping the floor with the Mexico shirt: it is a false ‘story’ of a “parody account”

Álvarez himself shared on his social networks a another photograph that the Argentine player would have supposedly published on his Instagram stories sweeping the floor with a shirt of the Mexican team. But it’s not true. The profile that appears in the alleged Instagram capture does not have the verified account iconwhich does appear in Leo Messi’s profile.

Twitter screenshot.
Comparison between the alleged story of Leo Messi sweeping the floor with the Mexico shirt (right) and a capture of Messi’s official profile on Instagram (left) from 11/29/2022.

Also, account from which the supposed story of Messi has been shared defines himself in his Twitter description like a “parody account with the purpose of offending” and, in responses to Canelo Álvarez, he assures that he “believed it.”

Twitter screenshot.

Therefore, it is a hoax that Messi has published on his Instagram account a photograph sweeping the floor with the shirt of the Mexican team. In the screenshot that is spread, Messi’s profile is not verified and the account that he publishes defines itself as a “parody account for the purpose of offending.”

No, this video of Messi talking about the Mexico team is not real: it is a montage

As a result of Leo Messi’s supposed kick to the shirt of the Mexican team, some montages about Messi and Mexico have been disseminated and viralized as a video from the press conference after the Argentina-Mexico match in which Messi allegedly says the following: “I want to tell all Mexicans to keep looking for the goal inside the goal and to follow me chu…”.

In the video, which is cut in the middle of a word, the audio and the image are not synchronized and the voice that is heard is different from that of other audios of Messi that we have heard, including the video of the aforementioned press conference. Also, We did not find a trace of the alleged statements of the Argentine soccer player in that appearance.

Comparison between the content disseminated on social networks (right) and a capture of the press conference after Argentina-Mexico (right).

Thus, these statements by Leo Messi about Mexico after Argentina’s victory in the World Cup in Qatar are not true. The voice of the soccer player and that of the video broadcast on the networks do not match and the audio and image of the content broadcast on the networks are not synchronized. In addition, we have not found a trace of these statements in Messi’s appearance after the match.

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