“HollyBlood”: Mediterranean Teen Vampire Parody

HollyBloodthe vampire romantic comedy, directed by Jesus Font (The Commissioner, All men are equal) was released in Spanish cinemas on July 22 of 2022. hollyblood It is a friendly romantic comedy, with locations and visual effects that have nothing to envy to North American productions. This is, above all, a tribute loaded with good intentions, which finds in adolescents a universe to develop splendidly.

‘HollyBlood’ review

Data sheet

Title: HollyBlood
Original title: HollyBlood

Oscar Casas (Javi)
Isa Montalban (Sarah)
Carlos Suarez (Diego)
Jordi Sanchez (Ferdinand)
Amparo Fernandez (Sister Learza)
Piero Mendez (azrael)
Lara Boedo (Carmen)
George Silvestre (Werewolf)
Candle Pradas (girl 1)
Carmela Lloret (Security Woman)
Lucas Ponce (Borgia)
Marina Campos (Policeman)
Ana Revert (holly)
Ferrán Gadea (father angel)
Yani Collado (Ronald)

Year: 2022
Duration: 87 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Jesus Font
Script: Jose Perez Quintero
Photography: Javier Salmones
Music: vanessa garde
Gender: Comedy. Fantastic
Distributor: Filmax



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Javi is a normal teenager with a normal life. So normal that he has nothing special for Sara to notice him. She only has eyes for HollyBlood, a vampire literary saga. Javi is determined to tell Sara that he likes her, but a series of unforeseen events and misunderstandings make Sara believe that Javi is a supernatural vampire. Everything gets complicated when the two of them, along with other classmates, must face an ancient and evil threat that lives in their institute. (Filmax)

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From Fright Night to Twilight

One of his achievements hollyblood, are the references on which it is built, beginning with the classics of the eighties, a time when fangs were still scary and when vampires became sexual objects, desirable and wanting to go to school. One of the most picturesque characters is the Van Helsing Youtubera young man obsessed with hunting vampires and is going to meet his big break by looking into the eyes of not just one but a group.

hollyblood it is the cinema within the cinema, it obeys a film that premieres within this juvenile universe, a direct mockery of the exacerbated sexual exploitation of all the monsters in general in North American cinema and that becomes the inception of the parodies. The joke within the joke, like Russian dolls. If there is something that you are not going to stop doing while you watch, it is to laugh.

holly blood movie
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Bullying and Religion at school

In the XXI century, it is at least curious that religion is still a subject. However, it is this context that gives dimension to the vampire myth because it makes the use of gothic locations, nuns, priests, churches and holy water more likely. More than one scathing dialogue is going to be directed as criticism of Catholicism, it’s a joke, right?

Another important issue, hollyblood It does not stop going unnoticed, it is bullying, which seems doomed to repeat itself generation after generation.

Jesus Font
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innovative script

Though hollyblood is sustained on paths traveled by the vampire world, there are script twists as unexpected as they are functional. Role reversal, women taking control of difficult situations. Unexpected participation of the father of one of the boys, who does whatever it takes to support his son in the most absurd situations. This father also comes to represent an older generation and to claim his own right to be politically incorrect before the guidelines of the woke agenda, which in turn is represented in a reliable manner. In this film there are jokes even for fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona FC

holly blood movie
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Hollyblood Conclusion

Entertaining, clever, biting. Dialogues and situations that have managed to bring comedy to the Spanish-speaking universe. Dazzling technical level. It can be seen with the family and it is a product that deserves a chance.

If there is something to reproach him for, it is that blood is not pronounced like wood, but like floor. English things. Maybe it’s another joke from the creators.

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“HollyBlood”: Mediterranean Teen Vampire Parody