“House of the Dragon”: discover “The Tardashians”, the parody of the series with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

On the occasion of the arrival of the new season of “The Kardashians” on Disney + and Hulu, Kim Kardashian, as well as Kris and Kylie Jenner lent themselves to a parody of the HBO series “House of the Dragon” in a sequence broadcast on James Corden’s show this Thursday, September 22, and entitled “The Tardashians”.

The Kardashians in Westeros. James Corden made Kim Kardashian, Kris and Kylie Jenner put on House of the Dragon costumes to shoot a colorful parody of the series he aired on Thursday on his show The Late Late Show. A video that could serve as an answer to the question: “How would the Kardashians behave if they were born in the era of ‘House of the Dragon’?” – bloody time if any – and where the members of the same family are ready to kill each other to ascend the throne.

In the first sequence of this video of almost 6 minutes entitled “The Tardashians” (mixture of the names Targaryen and Kardashian), the host seems to have taken the clothes of King Viserys, and explains that he wants to forgive his enemy Grayson Lannister. “Hey big brother”, then loose Kim Kardashian entering the room while proudly brandishing the severed head of the man in question. “Why ? He is so uninteresting, he brings nothing to this kingdom,” said the reality TV star.

In the following sequence, shot in confession mode facing the camera as there are in reality TV shows, Kanye West’s ex then declares: “Keith (name of the character played by Corden, editor’s note) is the king in this moment, but let’s be honest, he wouldn’t be anywhere without me. “Kim proves that she wants to be queen, but let’s be clear, the iron throne is all mine”, confesses in turn facing the camera James Corden.

“I run the armor design, grayscale cosmetics company, dungeon reform, what else am I forgetting? Oh yes, body butter”, then outbids Kim Kardashian, referring to her cosmetic brands.

In another scene, Kim Targashian then apologizes for her behavior. “Hey, I know you’re crazy,” she said. “I can see why I disrespected you when I beheaded Grayson Lannister. At the end of the day, we are family, and family always comes first. Here, I brought you a smoothie.” After having his guard taste the drink, confirming the presence of poison, Corden’s character Keith calls his mother.

“Oh Keith, he’s always been my sensitive boy,” Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, said in front of the camera. Kim Kardashian is then seen being painted by Jouster’s Illustrated, a pun on Sports Illustrated, a magazine she had featured on the cover of the first season of The Kardashians.

“Jouster’s Illustrated is a huge boon for Kim,” says Kris Jenner in confession mode. “Of course Keith is jealous, but listen, he still has the Plague cover,” she said, referring to the Vogue cover that also appeared during the reality show’s first season.

“I’ve been going to Baratheon boot camp twice a day since I discovered Jouster’s Illustrated, nothing is going to ruin this shoot for me,” says Kim Kardashian’s character. She and Corden eventually reconcile. Kim offers her a dragon egg. “I stole it from Khloé’s baby,” she said. (Khloé Kardashian welcomed her second child, a baby boy, on July 28.) “How about we share the throne? he then asks Corden as they sit together on the Iron Throne.

Then, emerging from the shadows, Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner appears and kills them “There’s only one queen in this kingdom, that’s King Kylie b—-.” she exclaims, then celebrating her ascension to the throne in song.

“House of the Dragon”: discover “The Tardashians”, the parody of the series with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner