Household scenes: M6 collapses after the departure of Huguette and Raymond, the total flop

The famous television series Scenes of households which was a hit with the audience, sees its figures lowered. A blow for M6we explain why!

Scenes of households : Huguette and Raymond, the favorites of the cult series of M6 ?

According to the figures for this Wednesday, June 8, the humorous soap opera Scenes of households no longer as popular as before. Why such a change ? Basically, it was one of the favorite meetings of the French. The main target is represented by women who are under 50 and who enjoy reality shows or series like this. Each pair has its own little particularity, but viewers particularly love the retired duo, Raymond and Huguette. The latter have been present since the beginning of the broadcast in 2009. At the beginning, there were only three couples, today there are six. An exciting event that television audiences never miss on a daily basis! We give you more details!

Scenes of households : a series that has become essential on the M6 ​​channel

Series Scenes of households is a parody of the daily life of a couple. It is impossible not to smile or laugh frankly while discovering their adventures. Especially when it comes to seniors interpreted by talented actors, Marion Game and Gérard Hernandez. Success was long overdue for these actors since they became known late in life. These two retirees bicker non-stop and viewers love to follow their bickering. They are a bit like dog and cat and have a lot of imagination when it comes to Trafalgar shots…

The broadcast has been turned upside down several times by football!

In any case, in recent days, the M6 ​​channel has posted audience losses for several reasons. Since the beginning of June, the production teams have had to stop broadcasting the series to put football matches in connection with the League of Nations instead. Thus, the time range of Scenes of households was replaced by fixtures between France/Denmark and Croatia/France. But, it’s not to everyone’s taste, you can imagine!

The Household Scenes program was back on our screens from June 09, 2022. But, have viewers already changed their habits? To make up for lost time, the M6 ​​channel has extended the series’ broadcast schedule Scenes of households. You can find the characters of Huguette and Raymond between 8:32 p.m. and 9:02 p.m. This should please the public fan, right? This one has already changed sides!

Fans upset by the production of the series

Before these upheavals in the program, Scenes of household was the favorite series of the French. Indeed, they looked forward to it every evening. Unfortunately, the decisions taken by the production of M6 really pissed off the fans. First of all, the sudden departure of the retired couple was not understood by most people. Indeed, without Marion Game and Gérard Hernandez, the soap opera no longer has the same flavor. Moreover, the replacement of the two main actors of the series did not convince the public. In any case, the new actor duo does not reach the expected audience scores.

After the replacement of the series, it is now the turn of the film as a bonus on television to give way to football matches. It’s a bit of a straw that broke the camel’s back. Are the French fed up with this sport?

Household scenes: M6 collapses after the departure of Huguette and Raymond, the total flop