“I need a shoulder and a sex”: a columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” finds love live

The C8 program launched, this Wednesday, November 2, in a parody of “Turn round” Screenshot

VIDEO – The C8 program launched, this Wednesday, November 2, in a parody of “Turn round manege” with the main character Danielle Moreau. So, will she really find the shoe that fits her?

It’s time to party on the set of “Do not touch My TV”. On this Wednesday, November 2, it’s the birthday of one of the columnists: Danielle Moreau. And if the 59-year-old woman says she is happy, she admits that she misses him “a little something”.

To overcome this lack of love, Cyril Hanouna has prepared a surprise for her: a remake of the matrimonial game show “Turn carousel” but version “Turn … Danielle”. Three people specially came to the set with the aim of seducing her. “We called for witnesses. These are really people who saw you and had a crush on you.. The event is broken down into several stages so that the journalist can – quickly but surely – get to know her suitors better. The men, André, Armand and Tony, all have their faces masked.

The famous and dreaded naughty question intervenes. For the occasion, the presenter goes so far as to imitate one of his colleagues, Jean-Luc Reichmann and its famous intonation. Size, naughty games with food, anything goes. Danielle Moreau happily gives herself up by defining herself as a “greedy in every sense of the word”. But she quickly becomes disillusioned when the subject of adultery comes up. “I have too much time so you have to think about me, you have to take care of me so that’s what my person is”, she replies to Armand, one of the suitors when he asks her if sleeping with another woman while thinking of her is considered cheating. Not sure he scores points… And yet.

“It was stuck tight”

When revealing their identity to the main interested party, two suitors are not asked to remove their masks. André, meanwhile, is slow to remove it and for good reason. It’s actually the new production intern, Zacharia. The columnist laughs at this discovery but does not forget to quickly return to the “serious things”. One of the last two in the running scores points and it is none other than the orderly, Armand. “I even spotted her before the show, when she was working on antenna 2”, says Armand. After the indiscreet questions, place to the test of the dance and once again, the nursing assistant pulls out of the game by trying some reconciliations. “It was stuck tight”nervously jokes the columnist.

When it’s time to make a choice, it’s no surprise that Danielle Moreau opts for her “hot” dance partner. “I need a shoulder and a penis”, she justifies. Both take center stage and go for a “little kiss of perhaps the beginning of a story”. In the comments, Internet users seem to be divided. If some are delighted with this nascent idyll, others are more raw. “I am torn between gene and pity” Where “I thought we had hit rock bottom, but we didn’t…”

“I need a shoulder and a sex”: a columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” finds love live