“I was a bit of a cassos on duty”: Jeff Panacloc particularly moved in “A Sunday in the countryside”

Jeff Panacloc, Joyce Jonathan and Salvatore Adamo were the guests of this edition of the Sunday show. The opportunity for the comedian to reminisce about childhood memories.

From the start of the show, Frederic Lopez takes, as usual, his three guests to the attic where everyone’s childhood memories are nestled. And from the start, Jeff Panacloc is very touched to participate in the show alongside Salvatore Adamo. He explains that his father used to sing his songs a lot. “We are not very complicit with my father but what brought us together was to sing”he confides very moved.

The host of the show projects a photo of the ventriloquist, whose real name is Damien Colcanap, as a child. “I’m all alone, a lot in my room”, he confides. Coming from a family that was not the type to go to the cinema, the show or the theater, the little boy assimilates TV as his window on the world. “I build myself a little radio studio in my bedroom and when I come home from school I have my show playing… in my own ears. When I was late, I apologized,” he recalls, adding: “at that moment, I am in another world, in my world finally”.

“It has not been easy every day”

“I was not popular, we saw my face. I had fat around the bones”, he quips. The little boy tends to break his leg frequently, earning him the nickname “little fat on the crutch”. “I had the impression of being apart and that I was not very interesting. I was a bit of the service cassos. I saw the others go to booms but I lived it quite a bit […] and finally that’s why I’m here today, this success that I manage to itch. It hasn’t been easy every day, I try to remember those more difficult times.”

As a teenager, he parodied, among other things, the show “Star Academy” with his friend Aymeric. With a homemade decor of stretched sheet and approximate framing, the comedian says: “we would be YouTube stars today”. He first learns magic then tries the difficult exercise of being a ventriloquist. However, he embarked on an electrotechnical CAP to become an electrician. “Maybe one day I could hang projectors on TV sets, in the cinema or on stage for shows”, he hoped. However, he finds his place nowhere, considered too airheaded for the profession of electrician and unknown to be an artist.

I was already crying ten years ago thinking I did something crazy

Jeff Panacloc

When preparing the meal, Frederic Lopez will come back to the event that will turn the life of the comedian upside down. Carried by Patrick Sébastien, Jeff Panacloc will, after several years of difficulty, open for Franck Dubosc and appear on a TV show. Michael Drucker with Pascal Obispo. “There it was… Bah… What a change of life”he explains with emotion. “Excuse me eh, as we often say in this business there is a before and an after and there really we did not understand what was happening to us with my manager”. After the show aired, bookings for his show skyrocketed to the point of turning into a tour.

Frédéric Lopez comes to take stock of his career, from the little boy to the cabaret. And this quick retrospective draws a few tears to the comedian. “The effect of having talked about all this… My relatives tell me you don’t realize what you’re doing and I don’t think I actually realize. I was already crying ten years ago thinking I had done something crazy and in fact we continue to move forward, there are difficulties”. The 36-year-old recently separated from the mother of his children. “There have been a lot of upheavals in my life and in fact when we find ourselves on stage all that does not exist. […] Humor is a complicated drug to put aside..

“I was a bit of a cassos on duty”: Jeff Panacloc particularly moved in “A Sunday in the countryside”