Il Fatto di Domani of August 26, 2022

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ENERGY IN FLAME: EUROPE RACES WHILE MOSCOW BURNS GAS. The price of methane on the Amsterdam list reached 339 euros per megawatt hour today. Concerns about autumn are increasing in Italy as in the rest of Europe. The hypotheses: lower heating and for fewer hours, reduced public lighting, industrial production in fits and starts. Here, the problem concerns first and foremost the outgoing government. New measures should arrive next week to buffer the price increases. The hypothesis is to increase the tax relief for businesses (from 25% to 30%) and activate a mechanism to control a share of energy available to energy-intensive companies and consumers. Cingolani should finally put a plan in black and white. The current EU president, the Czech Petr Fiala, has announced that he will convene an urgent meeting of energy ministers by mid-September, without details. One issue is the gas price ceiling, but also the relationship with Russia. Which, while cutting supplies, would be burning large quantities of the gas in a plant connected to the Nord Stream pipeline. There Bbc has published images showing the flames above the structure on the border with Finland, on the Baltic Sea. According to experts, Moscow is forced to waste the methane it is not exporting to Europe because it does not have the infrastructure to ship it elsewhere and the alternative would be to stop the extraction. On Made tomorrow we will take stock of the energy saving strategies imagined by the main European countries. You will also read an analysis by Francesco Lenzi on the repercussions of the sanctions in Moscow on the energy market.

FULL GAS ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN. AND NOW ALL DISCOVER THE BUDGET DIFFERENCE. The expensive energy also dominated the day of the parties. For the center-right favored in the polls, the issue is pressing because the hot potato will inevitably pass to the next government. For this reason, while B. promises refreshments, Salvini for the first time evoked rationing. Truth is better than silence, he said: “If the price of gas does not go down, the next government will have to ration electricity and gas starting from companies”. The Democratic Party focuses on the European price cap, but the novelty is above all that the liberal Calenda has discovered the budget variance: “it seems inevitable but we need the consent of all parties,” he declared. But Giuseppe Conte immediately came to remember that the M5S has been proposing the measure for months, as well as a more consistent taxation of extra-profits. It should be remembered that, as prime minister, Draghi has always defied the hypothesis of making more debt to respond to emergencies. On Made tomorrow we will see what are the recipes of the political forces.


LETTA AND THE OTHERS, BETWEEN SLIDES AND BOOMERANG. ANALYSIS OF ELECTORAL COMMUNICATION. Meanwhile, the parties deploy all their resources to convince the voters. Not always succeeding. Enrico Letta knows something about it. His statements to a Spanish newspaper about “strong Russian interference to favor the right in the elections” caused a wave of indignation among the challengers. The dem have revised their campaign and launched posters divided into two halves, one red and one black, where on the one hand there are some wrong proposals and on the other the proposals of the Democratic Party. Example: “Fossil fuels / Renewables”, “With Putin / With Europe”. And then the claim “choose”. The campaign ended immediately in the social meat grinder. Carlo Calenda posted a parody of these posters with the paired photos of Fratoianni and Letta, commenting “Contro Draghi, con Draghi”. The League has seized the ball to bend the slogans in its favor (“Flat tax / patrimonial” and the low blow: “Italy on your feet / Kneel or I’ll shoot you”). Even the dem leader started to parody himself, posting a version of the manifesto where the choice is between bacon or guanciale for amatriciana. Calenda had to deal with the irony that he welcomed his “landing” on TikTok, in which he announces that he will not dance but will talk about politics, exhibitions, “books and culture”. On Made tomorrow we will make an analysis of the moves of political forces with the opinions of semiotics and advertising experts: Giovanna Cosenza, Annamaria Testa, Martina Carone. You will also read a collection of blunders and electoral highlights, last but not least that of Licia Ronzulli who confused the regasifiers with the extraction wells.


UKRAINE, THE FRONT OF PEACE (WHICH IS NOT THERE). The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant continues to be at the center of mutual accusations between Russians and Ukrainians. After yesterday’s brief disconnection, work is being done to restart the two functioning reactors, but the attacks continue and fires rage in the surrounding wooded areas. The Ukrainian authorities say that the mission of the Atomic Energy Agency is scheduled for next week. In today’s newspaper, Fabio Mini showed how the West is now irrevocably involved in the war and in economic and military support for Ukraine, while there is no prospect of a solution to the conflict. Putin and Zelensky remain still, but perhaps something is moving in Europe. On Made tomorrow we will take into account the letter published by the pacifist wing of the German Social Democrats calling for negotiations to be opened and arms to be silenced. Although just yesterday Scholz visited a training center for Ukrainian soldiers in Germany. Henry Kissinger also spoke about the war, who in an interview with Cnn he spoke of a negotiation path that avoids possible escalation.



US, the Fed ahead with the rate hike. Restoring price stability will take time and pain, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in his speech at the Jackson Hole Symposium, thus confirming the Fed’s tightening policy in the coming months. The stock exchanges reacted badly.

Trump’s house search decree. As Biden opens the Midterm campaign, the judge releases the affidavit that contains the evidence that led to the search of Trump’s home.

Moderna sues Pfizer. The American company that makes the Covid vaccine believes the competitor has copied two of its patents on the mRna technology used in vaccines.

Whirlpool wants to leave Europe. A document has been revealed in which the company promises the manager a maxi bonus to close the factories on the continent by 2024.

The flop of the Woodstock remake. We saw the Netflix documentary Woodstock 99.

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Il Fatto di Domani of August 26, 2022 – Il Fatto Quotidiano