“In 2023, I wish you to love me”: “Blast” parodies Emmanuel Macron and launches his “Project M” inspired by the “Guignols”

published on January 1, 2023

Denis Robert, founder of the independent news site “Blast”, and Bruno Gaccio, former author of the hit show, worked for months on the return of the cult satirical program.

The “Project M” is launched. On December 30, “Blast” posted the first sequence of its new version of “Guignols de l’info” on its website: a nearly five-minute parody of Emmanuel Macron’s presidential greetings, entitled ” The jeveux 2023 to the French of the President of the Republic”. A statement in which the caricature of the tenant of the Elysée “wish” to the French of “(the) love) in 2023“.

“I heard your ‘Fart my ass Manu'”

Sitting behind his office at the Elysée Palace, the puppet resembling the Head of State begins by taking stock of the first months of his second five-year term, marked by the ten times activation by the government of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. , of Article 49.3 of the Constitution. “I have heard your concerns, your recriminations sometimes. I heard your insults too, your disrespect, your ‘Fart my ass Manu’, and your sneers. I felt your contempt, I also felt your slaps and received your spitting and believe it all these marks of affection went straight to my heart. I love you too“, assured, not without irony, the caricature of Emmanuel Macron.

Before looking ahead to the year 2023 with a leitmotif: “I want the reforms I want to be“.”For this, of course, I want to discuss with all the women and all the men of good will, who want, like me, what I want“, he summarizes. And to clarify a little more his intentions vis-à-vis the French, when his mother tries to understand what he is saying: “I talk, they listen, we synthesize and in the end I do what I want!“, bangs the capricious puppet on the table.

As expected, pension reform will be on the calendar for the year 2023.”We must, together, save our beautiful system of pay-as-you-go pensions by working until exhaustion. Of course it will be difficult“, agrees the puppet, who proposes as a solution to push back by decree”the age of death” “for as many years as it will take for the financing of your eco-responsible coffin to be ensured without any cost to the community. I solemnly undertake“. puremedias.com invites you to watch the entire first sketch of “Project M” from “Blast”.

More than 150,000 views in less than 12 hours

Yesterday, “Blast” was delighted, on his Twitter account, with the first feedback. “You have already been more than 150,000 in less than 12 hours to discover our famous #ProjetM. We have something there, a big thank you”.

A little earlier in December, Denis Robert, founder of the independent information site, said he was “convinced” in a video published on the site that this “Project M” was going “become the major program of ‘Blast‘”.

Long a symbol of Canal+’s subversive spirit, the satirical show, launched in 1988, was destabilized and then stopped by Vincent Bolloré thirty years later, in 2018. The “Guignols” trademark, registered by Canal+, cannot be used by “Blast”. Within Vincent Bolloré’s group, Cyril Hanouna had announced the return of latex puppets in “Touche pas à mon poste!”, his daily on C8, in January 2021. But the experience had quickly come to an end.

“In 2023, I wish you to love me”: “Blast” parodies Emmanuel Macron and launches his “Project M” inspired by the “Guignols”