In Bossolasco an event between yellow and … noir

“If they are roses they will bloom”, and a new bloom is scheduled for Sunday 18 September in Bossolasco, the land of roses and short stories dedicated to yellow literature. If Summer Solstice turns 21, his creature “Rose in yellow and … noir” is only in its third edition, but the intent to grow is strong. Sunday 18 (3 pm, in Piazza XX Settembre) will be an appointment not to be missed, which returns with new performers but also with regulars who do not want to be excluded because they feel “Pink in yellow and … noir” as something that belongs to them. . A kermesse, the “Pink Room in Yellow 2022”, which includes the participation of established and well-known writers such as Margherita Oggero, among other things highly appreciated for having inspired the television series “Try again prof” with Veronica Pivetti.
A crackling Bruno Gambarotta also returns, to pass to Massimo Tallone, co-author of “The Saga of Lola”, whose latest work is “The temptation to kill”. Gian Maria Aliberti Gerbotto, with his latest novel “Murder at the Bishopric”, is also able to “resurrect” Danilo Paparelli – who will be present at the “Salotto Letterario” – known for his humorous cartoons, parody of Italian social and political life , but also a writer. Conductor of the event will be Gian Maria Aliberti Gerbotto himself, flanked by the violinist Vera Anfossi.
We will not only talk about books and engravings (ex libris), there will also be space for a lot of gossip, anecdotes, tales of professional life and more in which the boundary between reality and fiction is increasingly blurred. Among the new participants Giorgio Ballario, author, among others, of “The tango of the living dead” and of the colonial crime series by Major Morosini. Psychologist Elena Biondo, new writer with “Alone tra le stelle”, will entertain us with psychoastrology, a mix that combines astrology with psychology.
The “Salotto” will be cheered by the verve of the sparkling Paolo Tibaldi. Rose, symbol of silence and virtue, but also of completeness and esotericism.
Among the guests also Roberto Buongarzone, renowned Egyptologist and head teacher of the Govone and Gallizio high schools in Alba, pleasant discovery of the “Literary Lounge” and author of the book “The Egyptian gods”. Among these also Tommaso Lo Russo, president of Solstizio d’Estate Onlus.
An event not to be missed which also includes the involvement of the Liceo Govone di Alba. “Rosa in Giallo” combines the art of engraving (ex libris) with yellow stories.
An innovative mix that makes the Premio one of a kind. The awards, both for the ex libris and the yellow stories, are scheduled during the “Literary Lounge” on Sunday 18 September, in Bossolasco.
“Pink in yellow and … noir” will continue on October 21 in Bra, in collaboration with the Velso Mucci School of Hospitality, with a succulent dinner with the combination of cocktails strictly in … yellow.
The event will be attended by the Lions Club of Saint Laurent du Var, twinned with the Lions Club Alba Langhe.

In Bossolasco an event between yellow and … noir – – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo