In Crouttes and Vimoutiers, the disappearance of Christine De Bie upsets many families

Christine De Bie will remain inseparable from the Notre-Dame school where she taught for 37 years and of which she was the director for 23 years ©Le Réveil Normand

The disappearance as sudden as brutal Christine DeBiewhose life was cut short at the age of 60 was experienced as a shock wave and aroused great excitement in the population, at the height of the sympathy and respect that this teacher, director of the school Notre -Lady of Vimoutiers (Orne) and secretary of the Amicale des Gars de Crustsinspired everyone.

The Notre-Dame school was his second family

There is just four months, they were hundreds gathered in the courtyard of the establishment to wish him a good retirement. Of the rights she had asserted September 1sta little in spite of herself, as her profession animated and fascinated her.

She also considered the school as “my second home, my second family”. A family today grief, as witnessed Caroline Andre who succeeded him as director. She, who was also his friend, evokes his memory, on behalf of the entire educational team.

One of my teachers told me that the school transpires from Christine’s presence. It’s exactly that. She is still there, everywhere with us. I know that, where she is, she is kind to us. As she always has been. Christine was a pillar, a shoulder for each of us.

Caroline Andre

“We say a big thank you to him”

The educational team is sticking together and preparing for the recovery, monday november 7. “We are a school. And at school, it is the children who are at the center of our activity. As they were the center of Christine’s work”.

Caroline André continues “we say a big thank you to her for everything she has done here and is still doing. If the school is there today, with this serene and family atmosphere, it is thanks to her. She never ignored the advice of her team. His goal was for children to come to school with a smile.

“Competent with great human values”

It is envisaged that time will be dedicated to contemplation, Monday morning, in the presence of a representative of the Diocesan management because “it is unthinkable for us to act as if nothing had happened”.

Francois Ravasse, chairman of the management body for almost thirty years, remembers Christine “her generosity, her open-mindedness, her rigour, her availability for the children, for the families and for the staff. »

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She was a woman of great skills with great human qualities.

Francois Ravasse

Les Gars de Crouttes go from laughter to tears

A woman warm also, not lacking of humor. She did not hesitate to leave her role as director to take on that of Gisèle, in this hilarious and cult duet that she formed with Nathalie Oliveralias Lucienne, in their parody of the Vamps which they played brilliantly during the theatrical sessions of the Friends of Crouttes (AGC), for which Christine ensured the choice of plays, the distribution of roles and the staging.

Today, laughter gives way to “infinite sadness”, underlines Jean-Luc Poussier, president of the AGC. A friendly which, after the death of its honorary president Pierre Renault, in August, sees a new pillar leave them.

Funeral celebrated Wednesday, November 9

Everyone is thinking of his family and expressing their support for Lawrence, his husband, Lucia, Alice and Stephen, their three children, and to their four grandchildren, whom she loved so dearly. And on which, certainly, she continues to watch over and to whom the Réveil Normand sends its sincere saddened condolences.

Christine De Bie’s funeral will be celebrated Wednesday, November 9 at 2 p.m., in the Notre-Dame-de-Vimoutiers church, followed by burial in the cemetery of Crouttes, in family privacy. No plaques or flowers, but donations to the Fondation de France.

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In Crouttes and Vimoutiers, the disappearance of Christine De Bie upsets many families