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The match between Montevarchi and Siena will feature an exclusively pink referee team for the first time in history. The referee will be Maria Marotta

More than a derby, as hot as all the Tuscan ones, between cities divided by fierce rivalries since the time of Dante, it is a historic match for gender equality. There first time in Italy of an all-female referee teamafter Stephanie Frappart, the first woman to whistle in the Champions League and at the recent World Cup in Qatar, after Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi, also Tuscan, from Livorno, the first to referee a Serie A match. Yes, in Montevarchi-Sienawhich takes place tomorrow at Brilli-Peri, there will be only the pink color to sanction fouls and offsides by the 22 boys on the pitch, plus any substitutes: Maria Marotta38 years old, from the Sapri section, as race director, Veronica Vettorel and Giulia Tempestilli such as line attendants e Deborah Bianchi in the middle of the benches, settling disputes between coaches and substitutes and seeing things that had escaped the field trio, ready to replace the referee, or rather the referee, in case of impediments. In short, the fourth man who becomes the fourth woman.

A record that after a few days exceeds that of Maradona’s Coppa Italia match between Naples and Cremonesedirected by Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi: there the triad on the ground was pink but the fourth man, Marco Di Bello, was male, in Montevarchi there won’t be even a glimpse of what once (now it would be politically incorrect) was called the stronger sex. An achievement that is certainly not worth the right to vote for women in 1946 and not even the Me Too that is sweeping the world, proving how strong is the female desire to escape the ancient abuses of power, but which nonetheless has its precise meaning: the women are arriving everywhere, even in that closed and masculine universe that was football.

And it so happens that to welcome the all-pink refereeing staff there is another woman, the mayor (or mayor?) of Montevarchi, Silvia Chiassai Martini who, having just escaped the disappointment of having lost the presidency of the Province, did not miss the opportunity: «I am very proud that Montevarchi is the city to host an all-female refereeing department for the first time – he says – An event that, as far as I’m concerned, cannot go unnoticed, the first step on a long journey towards gender equality even in the refereeing world. I will be present at the match to support the rossoblu colours, in a delicate moment of the championship, but also to underline how football, an extremely masculine world, will be an important tool on this day to convey an extremely positive message of change».

«Football, the most followed sport in our country – insists the mayor who, as soon as she was elected, showed up at the victory party wearing the rossoblù Aquila Montevarchi shirt – on Sunday it becomes the protagonist of a further step towards modernity and the demolition of barriers that however, they still find reticence in other sectors of our society. I think it is very important that this cultural revolution in terms of equal opportunities also takes place through a football matchusually followed by a predominantly male audience. The referee Marotta, moreover, was a forerunner of the turning point of the whistles in pink. After a series of firsts broken in the minor leagues, she was the first to direct a Serie B match on the same days as Ferrieri Caputi. other speech. Rather, some issues of (male) costume come to mind. The male referee was “cuckold” by definition and now? What would the recently deceased Lando Buzzanca, protagonist of the 70s parody film on a myth of the whistle like Concetto Lo Bello, say? The title was “The referee”, is it possible that he becomes “the referee”?

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January 21, 2023


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