In the theaters of Rovigo and Treviso, two opera seasons in parallel

They are inaugurated in November with the same Rigoletto the opera seasons of Teatro Dal Monaco in Treviso he was born in Social Theater of Rovigo, and then proceed partly side by side. This is because three are the titles launched in co-production, giving new life to a collaboration lost along the way in the last two decades, but which in the past had been long-lasting and fruitful in terms of artistic results.


In reality, Verdi’s masterpiece is part of a larger co-production with Padua and Bassano where the opera, again in the staging by director Giuseppe Emiliani and under the direction of Nicola Simoni, was staged last July. The cast remains almost unchanged, but this time it focuses on the baritone Sebastian Catana – while Marco Ciaponi will still be the Dukeand Yulia Merkudinova will be Guild – and foresees the musical direction of Sebastiano Rolli.

The Social Theater of Rovigo

After winning the competition, the debut arrives

In December, the Bellini opera banned at the Toti Dal Monte 2022 Competition – the 50th of the series – will arrive in Treviso first, in Rovigo later The Capulets and the Montagues. The jury, however, has identified only two singers deserving to win, namely Davide Tuscano (Tybalt) and Francesca Pia Vitale (Juliet). So for Romeo Paola Gardina was called, for Lorenzo William Corrò, for Cappellio Adolfo Corrado. Giancarlo Andretta and Gerardo Felisatti will alternate in the direction; the direction will be in the hands of Stefano Trespidi.

Toti Dal Monte 2022 Competition. On the right the winners Francesca Pia Vitale and Davide Tuscano

Reverse order of appearance for The Troubadour by Verdi, which in February 2023 will see the Before in Rovigo, to then arrive in Treviso. The direction is up to Francesco Rosa, the direction to Deda Colonna; main performers Gaston Martin Rivero (Manrico), Marily Santoro (Leonora), Olesya Petrova (Azucena) and Nelson Martinez (Count of Luna).

Incidentally, be it The Capulets is The Troubadour will previously also be staged at Pergolesi Theater of Jesiwhich co-produces the two works (the dates, 4 and 6 November; 21 and 23 October).

The Mario Del Monaco Theater in Treviso

In the name of smile and fun

The Rovigo public will also be able to enjoy a famous operetta. And count on two more works, also in the name of a smile. On the December day of the Immaculate Conception, the Social worker will present To the white pony by Ralph Benatzky, directed by Alessandro Brachetti – also interpreter of the fatuous Sigismondo – and the concertation by Stefano Giaroli; the production is by Teatro Musica Novecento.

The playful melodrama will be staged in early March 2023 The proof of a serious work by Francesco Gnecco, a smiling parody of the theatrical world entirely curated by the “FrancescoVenezze” Conservatory, which features orchestra and singers from their classrooms. Directed by Elisabetta Maschio, directed by Anna Cuocolo.

Finally, between March and April, The Barber of Seville rossiniano: a production still to focus, like a cast not yet defined. But definitely made up of young people.

In the theaters of Rovigo and Treviso, two opera seasons in parallel