In Varazze to greet 2022 and celebrate the arrival of 2023

Varazze, the “last frontier of Savona” in the east, is preparing to celebrate the arrival of 2023 in various moments of entertainment.

On Friday 30 December, the Bandarotta Fraudolenta, Special Xmas music edition, the most lively, colorful and ramshackle street band that has ever been seen in the streets of the centre, will appear in Varazze from 16:00.

A group of nine eclectic musicians who offer a traveling show ready to involve and entertain audiences of all ages.

The repertoire includes numerous songs of various origins, from popular songs to folk music without forgetting Christmas: White Christmas, Tu scendi dalle stelle, Someday at Christmas, but without forgetting timeless hits such as Volare, O surdato ‘nnamurato, Granada, Caravan petrol , Matilda, Besame mucho, but also klezmer, Balkan, rock and even some classical parodies. In reality, the Bandarotta Fraudulenta plays live, truly “live” without amplification like all self-respecting bands, but it certainly does not resemble a traditional band, perhaps it can be compared to the ensembles of Brazilian samba schools or the street bands of New Orleans . In recent years the Bandarotta Fraudolenta has performed in numerous street festivals, fairs, carnivals (including that of Viareggio) and popular events. The formation is made up of 9 elements, instruments: 2 trumpets, 5 saxes, 1 trombone, 1 percussionist.

After the great success of the summer event that took us through the history of Varazze up to the present day, we propose a return to the origins and a look towards the future through the knowledge of the roots from which the city of Varazze comes.
An initiative of the Department of Culture, for the enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage of the Municipality of Varazze in collaboration with the confraternity of NS Assunta; the friends of the Alpicella Archaeological Museum are waiting for you on 30 December at 3.30 pm for a visit to “The walled village”, meeting in the churchyard of the Church of NS dell’Assunta. Normally inaccessible parts of the walls and the interior of the ancient medieval church will be open to visitors. Doors are also open for the wonderful Oratorio di NS dell’Assunta with its splendid nativity scene and the exhibition dedicated to Christmas by Varazzesi artists.

After two years of interruption due to Covid, the appointment is back at 11:00 on 1 January 2023 in Varazze, on the “Beachcletta” beach to the west of the Molo Marinai d’Italia, to participate in the 71st edition of the most ancient of Liguria and one of the first in Italy to celebrate the arrival of New Year with a dip in the sea; almost 200 people took part in the last edition, in 2020.

Registration can be made at the beach “Beachcletta” from 9:00. Participants in the Cimento will be able to take advantage of changing rooms and hot showers.
The youngest participants and veterans of both sexes will be rewarded, with music and entertainment on the beach for everyone.
Also this year, in addition to the local section of the National Union of Sports Veterans, some historic sports associations will collaborate with the Municipality in organizing the event: the local section of the LNI and the Varazze Club Nautico.

The fireworks will start from the Molo Marinai d’Italia and will be visible from all over the area. You can choose whether to watch them from the beaches of Varazze, with your feet literally in the sand, or from the top of Monte Grosso, a privileged and peaceful position to admire the fireworks display.

In Varazze to greet 2022 and celebrate the arrival of 2023