International arrest warrant and new hearing for Pinar Selek

On June 21, 2022, the Turkish State News Agency announced the annulment by the Supreme Court of Turkey of the fourth acquittal of Pinar Selek, pronounced on December 19, 2014 by the Istanbul Criminal Court. Previously, Pinar Selek had actually appeared in three criminal proceedings, all of which found her innocence, during the 25 years of political and judicial persecution that she continues to suffer. After having imprisoned and tortured her for her sociological research on the Kurds, the Turkish power decided to make her a “terrorist” by fabricating from scratch the elements needed to demonstrate against all evidence the occurrence of an attack, then that everything has established that the Istanbul Spice Market explosion of 1998 was caused by accident.

Six months after the announcement by the press of the annulment of the acquittal, the decision of the Supreme Court was finally notified to the lawyers of Pinar Selek, this January 6, 2023, by the Court of Assize of Istanbul. These six months of unbearable waiting and new psychological torture for Pinar Selek end in a travesty of justice. Pinar Selek is the subject of an international arrest warrant ordering his immediate imprisonment. This decision is taken by the Istanbul Criminal Court even before the judges of this court have ruled at a first hearing, scheduled for March 31, 2023.

Such measures, ludicrous from a legal point of view and particularly serious in terms of their impact and their consequences on Pinar Selek, are taken in a context of restriction of freedoms and multiplication of violence by the Turkish authorities against all minorities and political opponents, especially against the Kurds, whether in Turkey or in other countries. The upcoming elections in Turkey are conducive to all political diversions and manipulations.

The solidarity groups with Pinar Selek refuse that the writer and sociologist is once again the hostage of an iniquitous policy which results in a real judicial farce. They also refuse that it is the collateral victim of the policy of complacency of the European countries with regard to the authoritarian and draconian regime which rages in Turkey. They ask all parliamentarians and political leaders who have shown their support for Pinar Selek in recent months to act energetically with the government so that it concretely provides him with all the security and protection that the French State owes to one of his compatriots. Pinar Selek’s French nationality is not enough to protect her. With the support of many personalities from research and the intellectual and cultural world, the solidarity groups with Pinar Selek renew to the President of the Republic their request for firm and unconditional support as well as an official protest to the Turkish authorities.

Finally, they call on Pinar Selek’s friends, artists, academics and activists to redouble their efforts, to extend their mobilizations in support of all the victims of Turkish power and to prepare large delegations to go to Istanbul on March 31 to demand truth and justice for Pinar Selek!

European Coordination of Solidarity Collectives with Pinar Selek

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Press release from the European coordination of solidarity groups with Pinar Selek of January 16, 2023

International arrest warrant and new hearing for Pinar Selek