Interview with Laura Felipin

Laura Felpin, the rising comedian

It has become essential since 2019: comedian Laura Felpin collects hits on TV and in the cinema. The young Mulhousienne will be at the Ed&N in Sausheim on January 28 for her first one woman show, “it’s happening”, interview! – By Mike Obri

A few years ago, you may have asked him for an account statement at the Crédit Mutuel Kingersheim counter. Or you had it on the phone without knowing it for a satisfaction survey concerning your Nuxe beauty products.

Since 2019, you’ve mostly watched her on Yann Barthes’ Quotidien show, seen in funny videos on Insta (where she imitates the Haut-Rhin accent, kopfeuklimi), spotted in the new Asterix at the cinema, or found excellent in Annick, in Jonathan Cohen’s Canal series, The torch, hilarious parody of Koh-Lanta…

Quite frankly, at the JDS, we are very proud of the great national success of Laura Felpin. ” I am happy to be from Alsace. Mulhouse is really a city that I love, where I grew up! It was only when I arrived in Paris that I understood that Mulhouse had a rotten reputation! “recalls the young woman.

After studying Performing Arts in Strasbourg, she met a journalist from Arte who offered to do some voice-over. the dubbing quickly became Laura Felpin’s passion. His Wikipedia file even tells us that one of his first dubbings for the cinema took place in 2013, for the American blockbuster Percy Jackson.

Observing his contemporaries with finesse

When I was doing dubbing, I hadn’t realized the fact of being an actress. My parents always told me that as a kid, I imitated everyone, and it continued. My mother is an artist, she immersed me very early in the world of culture and entertainment. I have vivid memories of the Momix festival, where I saw many shows for young audiences that aroused my curiosity for this profession. »

Since the series Le Flambeau, the proposals fall for Laura. ” They tell me it’s taking off, but I don’t realize it. Yes, I can see that there is a before and after Le Flambeau, but I work the same way. I live it very well, nothing changes. I always come back to Mulhouse to be with my loved ones. I set up and take down the small set of my show myself – I’m not in the dressing room, dressed in a velvet coat playing the diva “, she explains.

In early 2022, she created her first one woman show: It Passes, which tours throughout France. She interprets a gallery of characters, from the sexagenarian next to the plate, to the canyoning instructor a little too relaxed in the underpants.

I am in the observation, but without going into the caricature. At the same time, I still have everything to clear, I discover myself what is my universe. At the very beginning, I was careful not to play characters in a way that could be reminiscent of Florence Foresti or Alex Lutz, for example. My theater experience means that in the end, I tell a story, with a beginning and an end, a link. With people we have all met one day! », Finishes Laura.

Interview with Laura Felipin