“Is this your idol?”: Piqué was exposed with small details and sparked ridicule

The musical collaboration between Shakira and the Argentine producer, Bizarrap, continues to be the most listened to song of the moment, and exceeded 124 million views on YouTube, becoming a trend for three consecutive days on different social networks.

“You thought you hurt me and you made me tougher; women no longer cry, women charge. He has the name of a good person, clearly not what he sounds like. I’m worth two out of 22. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio. I was big for you, that’s why you are with someone just like you “says one of the verses of the song.

Likewise, the former Barcelona player, Gerard Piqué, has not stood still and has also taken advantage of the successful musical theme, which is directed towards him and his new girlfriend Clara Chía Martí.

Piqué took advantage of the viralization of Shakira’s mention of the Twingo, manufactured by the Renault brand, and this Sunday he arrived in the popular car to the third day of the Kings League.

“I have closed an agreement with Renault that on Sunday I will go with a Twingo,” the former defender had said challengingly days ago. Well, far from it being a joke, this January 15, Shakira’s ex-partner kept her word and was recorded by the cameras that accompanied the journey of the white car at that time.

Gerard Piqué was not enough to say that he had an alliance with Casio and now, he arrived with a Twingo.
Gerard Piqué was not enough to say that he had an alliance with Casio and now, he arrived with a Twingo. – Photo: Screenshot

When he got out of the vehicle, he only limited himself to saying “good afternoon” in Catalan and thus greet all those who followed his arrival expectantly.in addition to adding a somewhat arrogant smile, characteristic of him and that seeks not to be seen weak or intimidated by the impact that the musical theme has had against him, by the Colombian.

Well, after the video went viral, they recently found a detail that does not leave the former player well. It turns out that Piqué, at that time, he was not wearing the Casio watch that he proudly showed days ago in the program kings league, a competition that has gained great popularity among virtual audiences.

As seen in the pictures, the Spaniard put on his Rolex again and the desire to wear Casio only remained in a few minutes and while it was on screen.

For his part, regarding the supposed alliance that Piqué had achieved with the brand, one of the ones Shakira mentions in her video and that she compares with the luxury brand Rolex, the parody account of Casio watches —a user who changed the name of his profile on Twitter to “lash out” against the Colombian – he referred to it.

Gerard Piqué confirmed that Casio will sponsor him
Gerard Piqué confirmed that Casio will sponsor him – Photo: King League

The user, whose name is Samu Guerra, left that name aside to put one alluding to the Casio watch brand and, therefore, create a parody account on the social network, which is owned by tycoon Elon Musk.

“Casio completely distances itself from these statements. So far there has been no agreement for said sponsorship or interest in carrying it out. Publicly requested Gerard Piqué to stop the use of our brand without authorization and avoid making statements that do not favor us in order to prevent legal actions ”, stated the parody account.

The new “pronouncement” has generated thousands of reactions among Internet users. In fact, some users thought that this was indeed the official Casio account when it is not.

Casio’s true response to Shakira’s musical success about Piqué

The Japanese technology giant Casio reacted to the millions of notifications that have come to it since the launch of the new hit from the barranquillera and took the opportunity to respond to her, remembering that their products are “for life”.

“Today we have quite a few notifications for a mention of CASIO in a song 😜 CASIO (watches and keyboards) and (calculators) are for life 😉 #Harder, #Better, #Faster, #Stronger”, it can be read in the message posted on the verified social network @CASIOedu, which has just over seven thousand followers.

Casio's response to Shakira
Casio’s response to Shakira – Photo: @CASIOedu

“Is this your idol?”: Piqué was exposed with small details and sparked ridicule