“It is not necessary to give an opinion”; influencer is flooded into networks for minimizing the feminist struggle

Written in EVA’S HIP the

For centuries there have been questions surrounding the fight feministwhere millions of women have been in charge of making visible the systematic violence. Recently, last Monday December 19, the tiktoker named Hank, known for making videos criticizing “whitexicans” decided that he should share his point of view on this issue.

In the 6-minute video, the tiktoker in the company of another man, sand they find themselves watching a clip of Jessica Fernandezcontent creator and activist feministwhere he personifies a man and emphasizes the lack of empathy and solutions against violence exercised against the women and men who, on the contrary, criticize the ways of expressing themselves of women who seek a life free of sexist violence.

After watching the video, the tiktokers proceed to give their opinion, which He was severely criticized by the majority of his followers and followers, since his ignorance of the subject and understanding of the content creator’s explanation was evidenced feminist.

“I think the intention is not to go against the movement, but if you are so worried about violence why don’t you fight against egalitarian violence. I believe that we must fight against violence in general because we can all be victims of it. Everyone has the right to get home safe,” Hank’s partner said.

For his part, the tiktoker tried to resort to his basic knowledge of history to be able to understand the present, since he implied that therein lies the problem of violence in Mexico and Latin America as they are “third world” countries.

Both agreed that violence is something that can happen to any person, be it a man or a woman, since they said that the offender does not pay attention to gender; “The more poverty there is, the crime rates increase. The fact of violence is that they assaulted the girl because she was with her phone, not because she was a woman, ”they continued.

“If a woman’s cell phone is stolen, it is very likely that not only will her cell phone be stolen, but she will also suffer some type of sexual violence, be it groping, insinuations, or treating her as a sexual object. So, if the Violence affects us all but not equally”, responded one of the users.

Patriarchal violence against women

In a journalistic note from Eve’s Hipit is explained that the Feminist movement seeks the eradication of patriarchy. Literally, the word patriarchy means “government of the parents”, so the patriarchal system it is a social organization in which the man and the masculine have the supremacy because they identify themselves as “superior”.

This is how the woman is relegated to the background and the roles of associates to what is considered “masculine” and “feminine” begin, where the man becomes the provider and “head” of the family (and society). While the woman It is only used for the reproduction, upbringing and care of the children and the house. According to experts, these two roles, that of power and domination of man and that of service and submission of the womanare sustained and perpetuated thanks to the support of society as a whole: the State, Justice, laws and norms, customs, beliefs, etc. In other words, violence does not affect men and women in the same way.

“We do not have to segment this type of situation because it is something that we all experience and therefore it is up to all of us,” said the influencer.

“They are very good at doing comedy and their right to express their opinion is valid. But if their concepts and their knowledge of a subject are limited, it’s better for them,” commented a follower.

This video began to generate thousands of reactions and comments from users who asked the influencer not to talk about the subject anymore, since they did not have the necessary foundations or knowledge to issue a truly informed opinion and dedicate themselves to parody far from those topics: ” It is not necessary to comment on Hanki and company ”.

“It is not necessary to give an opinion”; influencer is flooded into networks for minimizing the feminist struggle