JK Rowling: controversy over the new book “The Ink Black Heart”, between transphobia and hate online

The huge army of fans he had proclaimed JK Rowling like new queen of fantasy – when the books of the Harry Potter saga collected files of readers out of bookstores long before the Apple Stores – over the years, it faded until it was replaced by a succession of controversy. After the end of the beloved (and lucky) series of magic novels, the English author has in fact started to use social platforms to make her positions on the rights of transsexuals and on the question of binary genre.
Questionablewithout a doubt, her releases, which occasionally revive Twitter, ending up in a trend with millions of users pointing to her as a transphobic person who uses her privileged position to hinder the battles of Lgbtq + community. It is not surprising, therefore, that the same fate was reserved for his new book, published under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. “The Ink Black Heart“, This is the title, is the sixth book in the thriller saga that JK Rowling has created under another name. Unlike the other five, however, he seems to have crossed the line.

The new book rekindles the controversy

The story follows Edie Ledwellthe creator of a cartoon that became famous on YouTube, persecuted by a mysterious person who hides behind the anonymity of the web. Edie suddenly sees internet trolls and her own fans of her turn on her when her cartoon is accused of being enabler, racist and transphobic. It took a little while for various jokes to be unleashed online about how art often imitates life. In this case, that of Rowling herself who, perhaps in a fit of self-celebration, wanted to transform her online adventures into a literary case.

Jk Rowling has published the new book “The Ink Black Hole” under a pseudonym. On social media, however, she is indicated as the inspirer of the story told, which has attracted not a few criticisms

JK Rowling stated, during an interview with Graham Norton, that the book is not based on his personal experience, even if everything seems to indicate the opposite. She herself confessed last November that she had received death threats via social media and publicly accused three activists from doxxing, that is to have disclosed personal and private information concerning her and her husband. The story of “The Ink Black Heart” would like to focus on the harassing attacks that Edie suffers on social platforms, but users and literary reviewers have focused more on the fact that, even within the same book, some references and comments to minorities, including disabled and transgender people, are not very sensitive. The author tried to comment to dampen the controversy, but evidently it was not enough.

On Twitter, hashtags challenged each other to a duel for several hours #IStandWithJKRowling And #ICantStandJKRowlingwhile the first official reviews of the book describe it as exhilarating And bordering on parody. However, the LGBTQ + community, which for a long time formed a large part of the Harry Potter sequel, has remained puzzled from each other. Lark Malakai Gray, author of the queer podcasts dedicated to “Harry Potter The Gayly Prophet,” he told NPR: “He published a thousand-page fanfiction in which she is the victimThis is the kind of behavior you would expect from a petulant teenager, not from an adult with immense wealth and power. I have no idea what he expected, but seeing the Internet full of jokes about the book was an absolute joy after all the damage it has done to my community in recent years. “
Robert Galbraith’s books are published in Italy by Salani. The Ink Black Heart is for now only available in the English version for Mulholland Books, a publication date in Italian is not yet planned.

JK Rowling: controversy over the new book “The Ink Black Heart”, between transphobia and hate online