“Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez are spectacular”, affirms ‘Cachito’ Ramírez

Comedian Walter Ramirez ‘Cachito’said that it was spectacular to re-record the parody ‘Las pitucas de la Molina’, together with the imitators Jorge Benavidez Y Carlos Alvarezand which aired last Saturday.

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“I was surprised when they called me to tell me that I was called to record that sequence and it was done with great care, it was spectacular and I know that the public had a lot of fun, as much or more as in the old days. Both Jorge and Carlos are spectacular”, commented ‘Cachito’ Ramírez, remembering that about 11 years ago he entered television in the remembered ‘El especial del humor’.

This was a highly anticipated sketch by the public in ‘El especial del humor’…

It was a sequence that hit a lot because current issues were taken and there they were recreated with great humor. In addition, the chicken appeared and the party was armed, ha, ha, ha.

Will this program ‘El especial’ come out again next Saturday?

I don’t know that, it will depend on what Jorge (Benavides) tells me. I imagine that they will evaluate how the program went, but I am not one of those who is calling to ask for details… in the end, the public decides if they want to see us. I like art, making people laugh and I hope that the opportunities to reach the public continue to occur.

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Would you like JB and Carlos Álvarez to work again?

In all the years they were together they did very well, but also working alone with their own programs, they are successful and everyone recognizes their ability to make humor. Currently I feel very comfortable working alongside Jorge, the entire cast is a family, we share many things and we have fun working.


Carlos Alvarez Y Jorge Benavidez they returned to record together with the space El Especial, a program different from JB on ATV, in which the members of the well-known Saturday space did not participate (with the exception of Gabriela Serpa and Cachito) and as expected Carlos Vilchez.

‘The Special’ began minutes after it ended JB on ATV. The classic introduction with ax music, in the style of El Especial del humor, began this television space that marked the return of the duo of imitators

As it is a different space to JB on ATV, nor Carlos Vílchez nor did other members of the aforementioned space participate. they were only Gabriela Serpa and Walter Ramírez, Cachito.

By the side of Carlos Álvarez was the remembered Lelo Costa and Cindy Marino, who have accompanied him for several years in the different spaces in which he participates.


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“Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez are spectacular”, affirms ‘Cachito’ Ramírez