Jorge Benavides parodies Magaly Medina’s criticism of Alessia Rovegno with a song by Shakira

Jorge Benavides parodies Magaly Medina’s criticism of Alessia Rovegno with a song by Shakira | ATV

Although he was not in Peru, Magaly Medina was no stranger to the Miss Universe contest, to which Alessia Rovegno He came to represent our country. However, since her coronation as national queen, the show host has disagreed and made it known on more than one occasion.

That is why, his opinions after the contest have been news that has attracted attention. Even, Barbara Cayo, mother of Alessia, has come out in her defense, ensuring that the model gave her best and represented our country very well.

This issue did not go unnoticed by comedian Jorge Benavides, who took the opportunity to do a sketch on this issue on his show. That is why he ‘invited’ ‘Maskaly Tucked’ to be part of a music session in the style of Shakira and Bizarrap.

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JB and his parody of Shakira's song with 'Maskaly Metida'.  (ATV)
JB and his parody of Shakira’s song with ‘Maskaly Metida’. (ATV)

In this parody, the ‘Urraca’ took the opportunity to tell everything he felt to Alessia Rovegno to the rhythm of the Colombian song that went viral in a matter of hours.

“You have a bakery name, clearly I knew you were losing. She’s not pretty, for me she’s ugly and even if you don’t want to, Alessia, I’m prettier than you. More educated than you, I have a big mouth and that’s why I’m much prettier than you, ”she expressed in the lyrics of the parody.

The day after the contest, Sunday January 15, Magaly Medina He used his social networks to give his opinion, in his style, about the participation of Alessia Rovegno. Again, he had a harsh criticism of the model and stressed that she had always indicated that she was not going to stand out.

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“I said it, I had no attitude or charisma and less vocabulary. I’m out of 5. Janick Maceta was more, ”she wrote in a story on his Instagram account.

Magaly Medina criticized Alessia Rovegno.  instagram
Magaly Medina criticized Alessia Rovegno. instagram

However, this was not the first time that he criticized Alessia Rovegno. When Bárbara Cayo’s daughter won Miss Universe in June 2022, “Urraca” also gave her opinion and hinted that it had been a coordinated election.

“She has no talent, but she is a good girl, synonymous with Alessia Rovegno. The favoritism was blatant and rude. Bullets did not enter (the organization of Miss Peru), it seems that what was promised is a debt and this girl and her family had promised it with all their souls, ”she commented.

She even regretted the effort of the other candidates, because she was sure that since her presentation as a candidate they would make her win. “I was so sung. I have never seen such a rocky choice from the start before. I feel sorry for the other candidates who had to give time, effort, some money and who worked for the sake of it because it was sung there, ”she finished at that time.


Jorge Benavides parodies Magaly Medina’s criticism of Alessia Rovegno with a song by Shakira