Kun Agüero: know him before the Yellow Night

A few days after the Yellow Night, the name of Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero it sounds everywhere due to the bickering of his arrival. He won’t be playing due to his recent injury, but so far yes he comes to Guayaquil. So save your entry.

Given all this commotion, there are those who wonder who is kun. Well yes, there is never a lack of someone who does not know how to differentiate a corner from a free kick, much less footballers.

However, perhaps you have already seen it on broadcasts or in memes. But at the point of memes you don’t know someone. Here we tell you some curiosities about Kun Agüero.


It has been the same player who has given the explanations of the case and has said that his nickname comes from childhood, when he saw some Japanese cartoons among which was a character called Kum Kum, the caveman boy. Due to his resemblance to the character, his grandparents began calling him Kun.


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And to this day he is better known by his nickname than by his name. To the point that during the games it is common to see the nickname written on the back of their t-shirts.


Since he retired from football, he has dedicated himself to being a ‘streamer’ with millions of followers. A few days ago, he took advantage of the platform and got together with the influencer Ibai to surprise his followers with his latest parody of the music video for Shakira and Bizarrap. Although he is only seen dancing in the post, he clearly dedicated the joke to his friend Piqué.


After Manchester, he was signed by Barcelona, ​​but Agüero was almost unable to play for his new club due to the injuries. In addition, he had to say goodbye to football due to heart problems that could have seriously endangered his health. That is why he will also avoid playing in the yellow night.


His romantic life is interesting. The list includes Karina (2012 to 2018), Tini Stoessel (2019, although they say that theirs was only a “beautiful friendship”) and the model and influencer Sofia Calzettihis current girlfriend.

But perhaps his most notorious sentimental relationship is the one he had with Gianna Maradona. Yes, the daughter of Diego Armando Maradona! As a result of their love, Benjamin was born in 2009. The boy is probably the healthy envy of many: he is the grandson of the soccer legend who died on November 25, 2020.

kun aguero statue

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After nine seasons in England playing for the Manchester City, the Argentine became a club legend. So much so that they raised a statue in his honor and he was selected to enter the Premier League Hall of Famewhere the best players in the history of the competition enter.


Kun doesn’t make a fuss when he has to speak in English. But the interlocutor must be very attentive to understand what he wants to say with his particular accent. As expected, that has led to memes being made. The most commented was when he was invited to a program to explain what had happened behind the phrase “What are you looking at silly?said by Messi. And Kun recounted what he said to the Dutch soccer player in English to defend his friend. His pronunciation did not go unnoticed and the comments and memes.

Kun Agüero: know him before the Yellow Night