‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of “Me Chimba Meet You”

The Rose of Guadalupe became one of the most talked about and recognized Mexican programs on television. The format has lent itself to different reactions among the international public, due to the performances, the situations and the messages that it seeks to reflect with each story.

In recent days, a recent and unexpected chapter of the series caught the attention of users of digital platforms, due to the context in which the plot was located. The episode was based on the life of a Colombian girl who faces discrimination, xenophobia and bullying in Mexico because of her accent..

The chapter tells the story of Gema, name of the character, a young woman who arrives at her new school in the middle of the year, so she had a hard time adapting to the routine, her classmates and the comments that arose due to the terms she used.

Although this may be a topic that is lived today, criticism and ridicule arose on Twitter due to the expressions and words that were in the script to characterize the Colombian.

This interpretation was the center of reactions among Colombian Internet users, who collected fragments of the chapter to point out how poorly implemented the accent and the way of speaking were. Users cataloged this performance as “one of the worst”taking as reference the terms and tones that were projected in the series.

According to the fragments published on digital platforms, many onlookers detailed exaggerated and particular expressions that are not used in the Colombian lexicon. One of the most mentioned cases was that of: “It was great to meet you” and “I had to leave my little keys there”.

The teasing also focused on other parts of the dialogue such as: “Como no, moñi, and “ábrase boba”, which were placed as “most common” in Colombian dialogues. Several Internet users criticized the mix of accents of the character, as they stated that it sounded like “paisa, rola and pastuso”.

This is parody song

Now, on the video platform TikTok, a song has gone viral in relation to the chapter of the Mexican production. These are the phrases “It’s great to meet you” and “I had to leave my little keys”, which under the rhythm of the guaracha, a very popular musical genre in Colombia, adorn the parody that users in the networks have created.

“The girl’s expected song ‘I’m glad to meet you'” were the words that accompanied the video.

Let’s remember that this idea sparked a wave of comments, memes and ridicule for the elements that were used in the performance, focusing on everything the protagonist said throughout the episode. Users assured that the accent, attitude and sayings were completely wrong to the reality of Colombians, so they also added what an inhabitant of the national territory would say.

“That bald has a national identity crisis, she doesn’t know if she’s pastusa, rola, paisa or chimboamericana”, “Did I chimb* meet you? Ahahahahaha”, “I can’t with the accent hahahahaha”, “Paisa pastusa and even something from Argentina came out”, “The most unreal thing is that the mother does not tell him that she is going to turn the mascadero over when the pelada gets haughty”, “The worst accent of all time”, “Paisa-pastuso accent with a Santanderean attitude”, “What horror that”, “Not even coughing in Colombian knows”, “I can’t wait to see this chapter with my aunt, my mother and my grandmother during family hours”, among other reactions that are active on the social network and that add laughter.

Now, the actress Youlin Adriana Moscoso, who played Gema’s mother, upon seeing the hundred comments against the actress and the chapter, came out in defense of the production. Furthermore, she revealed that she is Colombian.

“I know there has been quite a bit of controversy. However, that means they are watching us. We like it a lot. The production of The Rose of Guadalupe He does an incredible job, he really did the research to make this case,” he said.

Similarly, the actress compared the situation, that is, she stated that the same thing would happen if a Colombian plays a Mexican. “The same would happen if Colombia makes a case of a Mexican. Maybe the Mexican says ‘we don’t talk like that, we don’t eat like that’”. In addition, he emphasized that the entire process was carried out to address xenophobia in the chapter.

Finally, Ana Sofía Girmont, actress who played Gema, has not spoken out for her representation with Colombian accents. However, she published a story with the following phrase: “what a chimba to meet you, parce”.

‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of “Me Chimba Meet You”