books: AA.VV.

by Gordiano Lupi

Alberto Figliolia gathers around him a group of writers in love with the great Inter, practically two full teams, as many as 22 authors, as well as himself as a coach – player. Among the authors of the stories we mention Claudio Agostini, Federico Zanda, Giovanni Marrucci, Nicola Colombo, Lorenzo Meyer, Francesco Rota, Giulio Ervino, Albert Borsalino and a great prefector such as the center forward Renato Cappellini. Luigi Garlando writes: “It is from the style, from the elegance of the heart that Inter fans can be recognized. We Inter fans are crazy artists, born under the full moon in March, but our heart is a sponge immersed in courage ”.

How can I not agree with him? I have been an Inter player since a distant day in 1966 when my father was in an armchair swearing because of a dentist who eliminated Italy from the England World Cup. I have been an Inter fan since the days of the magician Helenio Herrera who won championships and cups, at the cinema both Franco Franchi and Alberto Sordi made a parody, but there was none on the pitch for anyone, other than Mouriño! I have been an Inter player since I had been pawing since Friday evening to go on Sunday with my father, ready before dawn waiting for the train, in Florence or Rome to see Mazzola, Suarez, Jair and Vieri play. I have always been an Inter player, even if we lose against Bologna because of a goalkeeper who does not collect a pass, even if we do not win championships for years, in short, I am not a Juventus player, the Nerazzurri is a faith.

Even the team of my city (Atletico Piombino) wears the same shirt and is part – just like the Milan International – of my stainless loves. The book is a collection of stories, the setting is sentimental, one travels on the wings of memory, with a single thought expressed in several voices, led by an orchestra conductor like Alberto Figliolia, who binds memories with the thin thread of nostalgia. Renato Cappellini signs the introduction, his Panini card is my personal madeleine, I remember him with the Roma, Varese, even Como and Fiorentina shirts, I was a child when he scored a goal at Real Madrid, dressed in Nerazzurri , in the Champions Cup. I know Alberto Figliolia as a football and basketball expert, literary critic, sports journalist, even a poet (his lyrics are excellent in the world of sport), but in this work he is also an excellent talent selector. The stories take us for a walk in time, they introduce different seasons of our Inter, they remind us that Vastola also wore the glorious jersey, not only Meazza, Skoglund, Facchetti, Sarti, Burgnich, Lorenzi …

Inter fans forever is a book that cannot be missing in the library of the Nerazzurri fan, beautiful from the color cover depicting Spillo Altobelli, ball and chain, fading audience, the center forward who takes me back in time to the rediscovery of youth.

AA.VV. – by Alberto Figliolia Inter fans forever The great story of the Nerazzurri’s passion Edizioni della Sera – Euro 14- pag. 160

article published on: 11/11/2022 – ​​Inter fans forever