“Lautaro has a relationship with Lukaku” from Argentina launches the fake news that goes around the world » La TV en Live

“Lautaro Martinez has separated from his wife because he allegedly had an intimate relationship with Romelu Lukaku”: this is the alleged news which, after bouncing on social networks in Argentina, has become the main topic of discussion in the South American country, she crossed the ocean causing great uproar also in Italy, where the two players live and play as teammates and Inter teammates in a close-knit tandem known as ‘LuLa’. Obviously, this is established fake news which, however, by dint of being taken up and shared, has generated doubts and confusion. And it is precisely to dispel any misunderstanding about it that it is necessary to take a step back and understand the genesis of this deception and how it spread like wildfire first in Argentina and then beyond. national borders.

It all comes from the fact that Lautaro Martinez’s Instagram account with 5 million followers suddenly disappeared and from the story posted at the same time by his wife Agustina Gandolfo on his profile, in which appears the sentence “The love you give is eternal “. This was enough to trigger the distrust of the Argentines, very attentive and interested in the sentimental relationships of the players with the gossip that finds a great place in the sports narrative, that the story between the Inter striker and the player of 26 year-old model and fashion blogger was going through a moment of crisis.

At this time in Argentina, we are not talking about anything else and a social account (notorious for the systematic production of fake news) seizes the ball to manipulate the situation and turn these suspicions based on nothing into news, adding another element – ​​the false love affair with his teammate at Inter – to add even more spice to the thing.

The “Info real de tendencias” Twitter account sparked the fake news that also arrived in Italy, said a parody of Argentina’s version of the traditional “Because it’s fashionable” account prevalent in many countries. A counterfeit graphic accompanies the alleged scoop of the end of the Taurus romance, which is credited with having an intimate relationship with Lukaku. Authorship of the story is attributed to the well-known and certified Argentinian newspaper Olé (which, although careful not to underline the final “e”, has misled many).

At that time, the tweet goes around the world and is also picked up by some newspapers who unwittingly cite Olé as the source of the alleged scoop, which is nothing more than fake news born from an account that by its own admission is creating fake news. for satirical purposes. However, many gave the news of the separation between Lautaro and his wife as true due to a relationship with Romelu Lukaku, so much so that in the end Agustina Gandolfo herself intervened on the matter with another story published on social networks. “I drink a mate while I see the power of imagination that some people exercise, I love you”: this is the message written by the influencer class ’95 which clearly refers to the fake news broadcast in the hours previous ones.

And then one wonders what is the reason why Lautaro Martinez’s Instagram account was closed, which gave rise to all this great misunderstanding which also brought up his teammate Romelu Lukaku, who ended up among the main trends of the day in Italy. An administrative problem of the social platform that temporarily closed the profile of the Inter striker, who has already regained possession of it by returning to publish his stories and denying, if ever there was a need, what could only be ‘a fake news erased. He brings it back fan page


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“Lautaro has a relationship with Lukaku” from Argentina launches the fake news that goes around the world » La TV en Live