Lavinia Abate is Miss Italy 2022: she is 18 years old, is from Rome and is in her last year of high school. “I’m a dreamer”

Of Joan Cavalli

Lavinia Abate, the new Miss Italy, reached the final with the Miss Lazio sash. Runner-up, Carolina Vinci, Miss Sardinia and Miss Cinema. Third place for Virginia Cavalieri, Miss Emilia Romagna

«I am a dreamer, yet inside me I did not believe it, I never imagined hearing my name, until the end I preferred to keep expectations low so as not to delude myself and feel too bad», she confesses excitedly, coughs and asks for a peppermint candy. And as if to convince herself that it’s all true, she touches herself the shining crown that has been on his head for a few minutes. Because yes, it’s really her there new Miss Italythe most beautiful of this 2022: Lavinia Abate18 years old, Roman, already decorated with the Miss Lazio sash, long light brown hair, hazel eyes, 1 meter and 76 of splendor, fifth year student of the Azzarita scientific high school («How ​​do I go to school? My parents accompany me… no, I’m joking, I’m good, I have an average of eight»).

Elected on Wednesday 21 December around 10pm, after a three-hour show – hosted by Except Slimwhich tomorrow will host the queen at «Your facts» on Raidue – from the conference room of the Crowne Plaza Rome St Peter’s hotel, on the Aurelia Vecchia, with the chairs reserved for relatives. Because these are no longer the days of the Terme di Salsomaggiore and the glittering early evenings on Raiuno (even if the “patron” Patrizia Mirigliani always hopes that Viale Mazzini will reconsider) and therefore we go aired on social channelsl of the historic beauty contest, in its 83rd edition: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

He chose between 21 contestants (one per region plus miss Rome) the jury shortlist composed by Fioretta Mari, actress and acting coach, Frances Manziniactress and imitator (can’t resist, and brings to the stage her latest cult parody that is raging at Strip the News – or Ilary Blasi eyeing a spectator’s Rolex), president Massimo Boldi with a white scarf around his neck (Cipollino gets excited about Miss Molise’s belly dance), guests in the hall Manuel Bortuzzo and Giucas Casella.

runner up, Caroline Vinci, Miss Sardinia and Miss Cinema. Third Virginia Cavalieri, Miss Emilia-Romagna. Each contestant declaimed a famous phrase, passing from Vasco Rossi to Antonello Venditti to Plato, Schopenhauer, Iacopone da Todi and Seneca, poor fellow, who becomes Senèca for Miss Toscana) and performed for a minute in a dance, acting , of hip hop, but also in a mini-ski lesson for children or a series of volleyball dribbles, to each their own talent. Lavinia sang (well) «Vino Rosso», a song she wrote herself. Because the idea, when you grow up, would be that: «I would like to become a songwriter. I like Adele and Aries. I have been playing piano and dancing for 12 years, modern and contemporary dance. I will succeed because I am determined and I know what I want ».

Victory is dedicated to his family. Papa Fiorenzo works at Telecom, mother Camilla teaches English (she is Scottish and moved, she says: «I am very proud of my daughter, of her determination, she is a wonderful girl»), Lavinia has two brothers: «The oldest, Federico, makes fun of me, he made faces with every bandage I brought home… the youngest, Ludovico, is a pest but I love him». And then there’s the cat Luna.

Miss Italy she has no boyfriend: «I had it, we broke up, but we’re still friends now I am focused on myself». He doesn’t have an ideal man and not even a soft spot for football players: “I’m not interested, those who are too obsessed with appearance and physical fitness aren’t for me, I don’t follow football, if I really have to choose I support Rome because it’s my city. However I like them tall, more than me, because I’ve always had a height complex, I prefer black hair with a soft face and expressive eyes, my ideal type must have characteran open mind and be ready to support me in my aspirations».

A defect? “Two. Poor control of emotionsI’m too sensitive and then I’m hypercritical with myself”. A virtue. «Determined, transparent». Lavinia has character and she needed it to overcome a health problem. «I have suffered from scoliosis since I was 14 years old, I had to wear the stiff brace for the past four, I took it off this summer. The doctors and physiotherapists of the Isico, who followed me, were my angels, write it. I’ve improved twenty degrees, even if my back will never be straight.’ It wasn’t easy. “Wear that plastic corset it made my insecurities worse, I felt different, I was afraid of being judged by others. Now I learned to accept myself as I ameven with my weaknesses, I live with it, and this is a victory as beautiful as that of Miss Italy ».

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December 21, 2022 (change December 22, 2022 | 00:05)


Lavinia Abate is Miss Italy 2022: she is 18 years old, is from Rome and is in her last year of high school. “I’m a dreamer”