Lillo & Greg: the «Best of» of the irresistible couple of laughter

from Paola Medori

The Roman duo will be staged in Ostia Antica on Friday: Our secret formula? In the shows we put what we would like to see as an audience

Cheerfulness ensured with Lillo & Greg, aka Pasquale Petrolo and Claudio Gregori. The strange comic couple on stage with the show Best of at the Roman Theater of Ostia Antica, Friday 9 September. A title that is a guarantee for the Roman duo. Thirty-six years of friendship and a cult repertoire that mixes sketches, poems, music and jokes in an escalation of laughter.

On stage, like the memorable Laurel and Hardy, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, their absolute myths, together with Cochi and Renato. a modular show, enriched with short stories, with a variety of sketches. To the classics of the past we have added some more recent ones. Something new and old. We have a lot of fun together and stage what we would like to see as an audience. This is the secret formula, begins Lillo, who turned 60 on 28 August. There are some more fast-paced gags, taken from our latest show Gagman Upgrade, explains Greg, born in 1963. Quick and insightful jokes that have only one goal: to make the audience laugh out loud. A gallery of hilarious, light and hilarious workhorses and characters: Among my favorites is Franchino, a talk show comedian with a trashy number. Before him, however, there is the human case, and so sad that Franchino is no longer able to perform, Lillo intervenes. I love all my little ones – adds Greg -. Among the latest writings there is The throne of the rings, parody of fantasy and its suggestive incipits, which before the beginning of the story explain the genesis with names, lands, factions and relationships. A carousel of information where you no longer understand anything. I play on this.

An irresistible duo, which works perfectly on TV, radio and theater, different but complementary? They are complex alchemy – reveals Greg -. Our kind of humor, that of the surreal, captivating and transgenerational. Many like it, and it does not reflect current events. Lillo adds: Our sketches are born from everyday life. a choice linked to our taste. We are lucky because what makes us laugh first, also amuses others. Masters of a comic, where there is always a kernel of truth inside as Mel Brooks taught: the hinge. People have to recognize themselves in the surreal, which exists in the dark folds of reality and is part of the mechanics of the commedia dell’arte, Greg points out.

In this not easy time social, political and climatic what would an executioner of the night like Gagman do? He would have little to do – replies Lillo – because he would have to fight a villain who wants to attack the entire planet. With politics, everything is quite invisible and submerged. Often decisions are made in buildings, even before informing people. It is not easy to fight against this modus operandi. Much better to face a real monster. Greg concludes: he would try, with so much effort, to find the dissonant and funny element. A true superhero, like Superman, would pack a great deal with everyone in charge and throw them on Krypton. And it would be the beginning of a new era.

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Lillo & Greg: the «Best of» of the irresistible couple of laughter