LIVE THEATER @ 45th theater, music and street art in the open with artists from all over Italy

Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, the public of the 45th NORTH will be able to relax and get excited with the performances of the outdoor theater review, with a program suitable for all ages that includes numerous creations of contemporary theater. On stage there will alternate companies selected by
all over Italy and new artists eager to meet a wider audience.

The shows, all with free admission, will take place in the outdoor space of the 45 ° Nord Entertainment Center in Moncalieri on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9.30pm and Sundays at 6.30pm.

Show program


11 June – 9.30 pm

Great Variety of the Fall
with Francesco Giorda, Benjamin Delmas, the artists of the Teatro della Caduta and the Pappazzum orchestra

June 12 – 6.30 pm

I saved the planet by and with Francesco Giorda
Fun show for children and families on the theme of environmental sustainability

June 16 – 9.30 pm
Too many arias from the Trio Trioche
Comic concert with the most famous opera arias

June 18 – 9.30 pm
Andemm of Freakclowns
Comedy, circus, clowns, juggling, acrobatics inspired by the ancient art of the gods

June 19 – 6.30 pm
The family Dem – A Real Rock Family Circus by Misterdavid and family
Circus show, made by the De Masi circus family in a rock and roll version

June 23 – 9.30 pm
I’m leaving you because I ran out of oxytocin by and with Giulia Pont
A fun, moving and cathartic game about the end of a love

June 25 – 9.30 pm
Mr Bang Sensation by Benjamin Delmas
Theater clowning, acrobatics, blues in an evening with a strong and spicy flavor!

June 26 – 6.30 pm
Paccottiglia deluxe – high quality cialtronerie by and with Alessandro Galletti e
Francesco Garuti of Circo Pacco
A parody of the world of circus and physical theater

June 30 – 9.30 pm
Eva diary of a rib by Rita Pelusio
A woman struggling with the classic image of the blonde and beautiful figure. To laugh!


2 July – 9.30 pm
De Niù Sciò of Appiccicaticci
Everything, entirely, and completely improvised … music, sung, played

3 July – 6.30 pm
The trick is there … but I don’t believe it! by and with Mago Budinì (Piero Osella)
A series of hilarious gags, magic and fantastic situations

7 July – 9.30 pm
Comedy Trio and with Chiara Becchimanzi, Francesco Giorda and Stefano Gorno
Three monologues of irreverent, funny, out of line stand up comedy

9 July – 9.30 pm
The super housewife by and with Roberta Paolini
Comic show, parody of a heroine in an apron

10 July – 6.30 pm
Magical PerfoRMANCE, completely out of the ordinary by Skizzo (Davide Nicolosi)
Magic show suitable for adults and children

July 14 – 9.30 pm
U.mani.t à by and with Jacopo Tealdi
Completely hand-made cabaret show.

July 16 – 9.30 pm
LGBK (latin gipsy balkan klezmer) from Bandaradan
Balkan and world music

LIVE THEATER @ 45th theater, music and street art in the open with artists from all over Italy