Low Cost Music: an artistic forcing

Released on August 14th, “Musica Low Cost” is the new single from Better Call John, mixed and mastered by Alberi Alti.

Anyone who has come here on Terre di Campania a few more times than usual knows well that, in terms of music, Better Call John is always a welcome figure on these pages.

Today BCJ, or more simply Johnreturns to be the protagonist in this lido due to the publication of his new single, by the name of Low Cost Musicreleased on August 14.

Let’s talk about a minute and a half composed of everything that could be more wrong in music, deliberately proposed in this way, even a little for that sadistic desire to see one’s own product be so ugly as to go around and become beautiful …

Yes, because the piece chooses to be melodically unpleasant, with almost no sense of rhythm and with (almost) random long lines; not to mention the mixing, which we could define as reasoned in his own misprints (and in fact, the work is actually done Divinely: listening in headphones is full And satisfying). It is therefore clear that Low Cost Musicin his electro-pop sound And super easy listening, imagine more like expression of a thought, of a very personal vision of things and of a very personal concept of low cost, which simultaneously includes and transcends only the economic sphere, although necessary for making music. We talk about a low cost cultural, artistic: a dryness of stimuli, an impoverishment as much in the meanings asperhaps even more tragically, in the signifiers. And in the end the piece, in its narration of this, becomes itself part of the mechanism, arising from the sole need to respect a deadline that the author, the artist, has with those “above him” in the great assembly line that it is creating: in other words, the artistic forcing of the title.

Lyrically, the piece tells itself well and explains everything mentioned above: the verses describe – only apparently in a disconnected or illogical way – stereotypes and concepts of the culture of the banal, sometimes even treading the hand to the right point. I emphasize, however, that I believe there was a lack of balance in the drafting, with an excessive will to criticize and parody which, after all, leaves little and, above all, in making fun of many he seems to want to make fun of everyone, and in making fun of everyone, in reality he is not really making fun of anyone. Criticism, food for thought and related elements are perfectly visible and verifiable in the piece, but lose their bite when they cannot concretely say something to a specific someone. So yes, Low Cost Music it becomes listenable and re-listenable, it becomes light and curious, even captivating in the search for the little ones easter eggbut always returns, with each listening, the idea of ​​one hit and go musical: I listened to you, I enjoyed it, I understood where you want to go but you said too little to make me stop thinking that tomorrow is another day, and that I can say goodbye here while I am already thinking about sifting through elsewhere.

Mind you: it is not a No dry, practically no John’s work ever deserved one e Low Cost Music is no exception: those healthy doses of irony and sarcasm that we know are dear to the author will always save us from that too elitist, plastered and sometimes even classist vision of culture, leading us to reiterate over and over again that yes, yes you can learn by playing. Which, if we want to be honest, it is the point where conceptually Low Cost Music not wrong at allon the contrary, it does even better than it would hope.


Going to close: Low Cost Music it is an idea that, for better or for worse, turns out to be almost impromptu; concretized straight away but clearly hatched for some time in its conceptual impulses, and which in fact stumbles as when, giving oneself (precisely) the impetus for a frenetic and energetic race, it is precisely the initial balance that is sacrificed.

Nothing more than a hitch, therefore, for an artist who has so far proved to know what to give of oneself, to music but also to the publicand to whom it must certainly be acknowledged that he is trying all possible ways to reach his goal, sometimes even taking paths insidious from which, of course, you can get out and how.

Having said that, I am genuinely telling myself more than curious about what awaits us in future with regard to John, his inspiration and his musicaware that, for sure, we will have something to talk about, to listen to, and above all to have fun.

Low Cost Music: an artistic forcing