“Lunch and help of 20

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Between 200,000 and 670,000 protesters: a “false” and “anonymous” character released by PP-Vox said that they had been paid for food and 20 euros

LIDIA GARCIA. The website “Maldito Bulo” has alerted this Monday, November 14 (2022) of a hoax on social networks: “Be careful with the profile @Miss_Marga_: it is a parody account that poses as a PSOE adviser.” And he says that as a result of the demonstration in Madrid called in defense of Public Health last Sunday, November 13 (2022), disinforming content circulates on Twitter accounts that call themselves “parody”. One of them is that of @Miss_Marga_, who claims to be “​​HR and Code of Ethics Advisor Majadahonda Headquarters”. In different tweets, he assures that there was “an explosion of multiculturalism” in the demonstration of attendees who had supposedly been subsidized by the different PSOE headquarters in the Community of Madrid ». Since Maldita.es We have analyzed this account and the messages it posts. @Miss_Marga_ identifies herself in her bio and name as a “parody account.” In this case, the account itself is identified as a parody in both its username “Marga Jimenez / Parody”, as well as in the information of his biography, where you can read “parody account”.


The news: “false” and “anonymous” exposed

And under the umbrella of supposed humor is when he carries out one of the most typical tasks of “informative misinformation” and “fake news”, such as this supposed “news”: “Transportation and accommodation” for protesters: In the different tweets that the account published about the demonstration, it was said that hundreds of people from other cities had traveled to Madrid with the help of the PSOE, which would have provided “transportation and accommodation for all”. Even, from the @Miss_Marga_ account itself, a “troll account” has been retweeted, which we already told you about in Damn.it, which claimed that vouchers “for lunch” and an aid of 20 euros “for travel” had been given to the protesters.


The lady in the photo does not exist and is not from Majadahonda: she is a “false” character who spreads “hoaxes”

The Newtral.es website, which is also dedicated to investigating false accounts on the Internet, has also identified another informative “intoxication” with the news of the demonstration: “Madrid is a welcoming land. And I suppose that is why buses from Burgos or Toledo come from Burgos or Toledo to “demonstrate for health in Madrid…”, say posts shared on Facebook and Twitter since November 13. They are accompanied by a screenshot of a tweet containing this same statement, as well as photographs of three different buses. “However, it is not true that these buses took people from other provinces to Madrid to attend the demonstration for public health that took place in the capital. As the three coach companies have confirmed to Newtral.es, although it is true that they traveled to the capital from Toledo and Cáceres, they did so for reasons unrelated to the protest,” the website clarifies.


Image of the demonstration, which surprised everyone due to its ability to convene

“The viral messages, one of which was published by the Secretary General of the Popular Party in Madrid, Alfonso Serrano, include three photographs of three different buses. In them you can distinguish the company to which they belong: Autocares Demetrio Álvarez, Autocares Alvarado and Autocares Royo. Consulted by Newtral.es, from Buses Demetrio Alvarez They deny that the bus went to Madrid to transport people to the demonstration in defense of public health. “The bus left Santa Olalla, in Toledoto attend a mass in Madrid and see the Christ of Medinaceli”, they explain from the company. “Since this is in a church near the Plaza de Neptuno, the bus parked next to the Withdrawal”, they add. On the other hand, in statements to Newtral.es, Autocares Alvarado assures that, although it is true that one of his buses traveled from Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) to Madrid on November 13, it was not to bring people to the healing rally. “The service was contracted for quite some time by a travel agency for a tourist visit to the capital,” they point out to Newtral.


The images of the buses were from other trips: false (“fake”)

Likewise, Royo Coaches He has also denied the claims that are shared on social networks. “The bus was used for the displacement of the Club Deportivo San José futsal to play in Madrid. They were athletes of caceres and the bus parked in the Withdrawal”, they affirm to newtral.es. As a club publication on its social networks shows, the team played a match in the pavilion of the Our Lady of the Pillar School at 1:15 p.m. on November 13 against the AA Pilaristas. In addition to these three viral photographs, users of social networks shared other messages stating that buses that left the municipalities of Velilla and Arganda del Rey They had also taken people to the demonstration in Madrid.


The false text said that the protesters came from Valencia

«The publications included screenshots of two PSOE tweets announcing this bus service for the protest leaving these towns. However, it is not true that these buses were used for transfers from other provinces, since Velilla and Arganda del Rey are municipalities of the Madrid’s community. According to the party’s publications, the one that left Velilla left at 10:30 from the esplanade of the market and in the case of Arganda del Rey three buses were filled. None of this was true and the only certain thing is that among 200,000 demonstrators (according to the government delegation, which is an institutional body that directs the Socialist from Majadahonda, Mercedes Rodríguez) and 670,000 (according to the organizers belonging to different unions) participated in the demonstration called in Madrid in defense of public health.

“Lunch and help of 20 -:” false anonymous “from Majadahonda