“Madrid, the city that you can swim across without meeting your ex”


Enjoy the weekend with no regrets.

Here we continue, faithful to our review of the best of Twitter ingenuity on the networks. As long as Elon Musk leaves us, because things are getting ugly.

Christmas is just around the corner and the illusion returns in the eyes of the children.

Family time, concord and love.

And company dinners, of course.

Precisely with these holidays in mind, people are rushing to buy gifts. Some shops have even tried to attract customers with sales and last-minute offers. But be very careful, sometimes all that glitters is not gold.

In sports, Argentina and France will compete this Sunday in the men’s soccer World Cup. We’ll see who takes it.

Let’s go with television. News item: Ayuso puts on his apron master chef for the Christmas special.

And beware, what habemus new director of the Madrid Spanish Office. It certainly does not have it very difficult to overcome the previous one.

A difficult week in many ways. Politically, the right has shown its worst face.

All the right in unison against the Government, although each one with its particularities, of course

In addition to parties, many right-wing politicians have also ranted.

After several days talking about the illegitimacy of the Government voted for by the Spanish, things have gone even worse.

And it is that the PP tried this week to stop the Plenary Session of Congress on the reform of the CGPJ and sedition through the Constitutional Court.

Montesquieu has risen and has died again of fright.

The Constitutional Court with a conservative majority and its mandate expired four years ago, deciding whether to suspend a government initiative to prevent it from continuing to be blocked. Incredible, wonderful.

My goodness the TC.

What is also getting complicated is living in Madrid if it rains.

This Wednesday, for example, it was messed up but well messed up.

Almeida, who criticized Carmena for that very reason, now points to the AEMET. Since the word has an E, a T and an A, it is still thought to strain.

Then reality, already such.

And the measures that he requested when he was in opposition? Where are they?

The fact is that last Wednesday, the people of Madrid found some curious scenes in certain places in the capital.

Some images have been gruesome.


“Madrid, the city that you can swim across without meeting your ex”