‘Mama de Cachetes’, the parody you didn’t expect from Shakira and Bizarrap’s song [Video]

Ruben Tuesta surprised his followers on social networks by launching his own version of the Music Sessions Volume 53 of Shakira and Bizarrap accompanied by the characters who have made him known.

The influencer originally from Peru, but who lives in Argentina, has had great popularity thanks to his various imitations where it stands out “cheeks”, which is nothing more than a reinterpretation of quicothe character of “The guy from 8”.

His unexpected imitation follows the tone of the well-known song and modify the letter to talk of a marriage gone down with the humor that distinguishes him.

For this, who interprets the song is his character “Cheeky Mom”, who also gives the song its name. Within the video you can see the mom in the role of ShakiraWhile Cheeks has the role of Bizarrap and you see it on the audio console.

Its imitation occurs in a set similar to that of the Bizarrap sessions in a small room with only the audio console and a microphone.

The music is maintained and the lyrics have been adapted to match the rhythm, where the Mom with Cheeks complains about how they don’t leave money “not even for electricity” and that even her husband left her with a son “not even so handsome” came out.

“In bed a disappointment. But, the neighbor helped you, while you played soccer”, says the song. “Sorry. Baby. Does. A while. I’m looking for another candidate.”

The song also maintains some rhymes from the original lyrics such as “splashes” or mention that the they left with their mother in law. “How many more years does he have left, what does writing give you? If it’s true, he wants you to pay the bills so much,” says the song.

Rubén as his person and in the role of alleged husband he also has some input in the song with some verses in direct response to the lyrics against him.

“A long time ago it was good. Now I’m only serving a sentence”, the male character sings in response.

The influencer also took the opportunity to mock autotunethe voice editing program that is widely used in today’s music and is even added to Shakira’s voice during this production with Bizarrap.

users take with great humor Shakira imitation

Just in a couple of hours since the song was shared on Youtube it almost adds up 300 thousand reproductionswhile the preview of his song in TikTok sum more than 24 million views upon receiving with great humor his imitation of the success of Shakira and Bizarrap.

“I liked this version more,” said the user Junior, something in which the user Angélica agreed and added: “The best without a doubt, Shakira already has competition with your own song. Without a doubt the best”.

“Everyone talking about how good the song is and that they collaborate (with Shakira), but little is said about the three characters being together at the same time. Damn what a good edition ”, affirmed the user Álvaro.

What should you know about Rubén Tu?is?

The creator of the video is Ruben Tuestaan influencer originally from Peru, but who lives in Argentina, which is one of the most popular on both YouTube and TikTok.

His content started to get noticed after he showed his imitation of Quicoa character from “El Chavo del 8”, in a reinterpretation that he names cheeks. With the character he has made a large number of sketches and videos that quickly led him to fame.

Rubén has pointed out in various interviews that It was his grandmother who helped him create his first Quico costume. for your videos. Is imitation he did it first with his friendswho motivated him to start recording his videos and sharing them on social networks.

With this he was also able to take advantage of his studies as an actor to the take drama classes and he has already indicated that his intention is to form a career and be part of television series or film productions in the future. with his Shakira imitation and his reissue of the song with Bizarrap found a new success that will once again raise their numbers in social media.

‘Mama de Cachetes’, the parody you didn’t expect from Shakira and Bizarrap’s song [Video]