Among the trials was this life-size Rocket League. (©78 News)

Fireworks, cars playing football, death race… Koh Lantess, the “Koh Lanta of cities”, has stopped in the town of Val Fourré in Mantes-la-Jolie, this Sunday, January 8, 2023. The filming was organized by videographers from Val-de-Marne, who became known for their parody of the game show Koh Lanta, broadcast on social networks. The episode recorded at the Fresnes remand center last July, had also created controversy after the detainees took part in a kart race, part of public opinion considering it indecent to propose such an activity to incarcerated persons.

Here, no islands lost in the middle of the ocean, poles, or insects to eat, but two teams made up of young people from sensitive neighborhoods or, as was the case in previous episodes, police officers and guards , which are measured in sporting events. This Sunday, the Youtubeurs were opposed to Mantais around, in particular, a game of football in the car, with a big ball, inspired by the Rocket League video gameand a sprint, in a padded jumpsuit, with a dog on the heels.

Cries, fireworks, scenes of jubilation

Shooting, which brought together more than a hundred people, including many spectators, lasted the whole afternoon. The atmosphere was good-natured, according to several of our sources, but there was considerable unrest.

On a video that we obtained, a man chants slogans with a megaphone, taken up in chorus by the crowd present. On another, a Renault Mégane and a Fiat Punto rodeo on a lawn at the edge of rue Rabelais, in a life-size Rocket League. cars collide, in the middle of smoke bombs and other fireworks, while a police van remains at a safe distance. Other sequences show a dozen young people breaking into a street screaming, or even different noisy crowds.

The police stayed away

The police received numerous calls from residents, both worried and angry. “It’s a shame, it’s unacceptable, squeals a resident of a private residence near the ice rink. There were screams, dogs barking, mortars, young people climbing in the trees. It was anarchy. I called the municipal police who didn’t even come and almost sent me packing. » Residents of the neighborhood point to the damage caused by the “foot-car” part on the lawn.

Another test consisted of running with a Malinois on the heels.
Another test consisted of running with a Malinois on the heels. (©Snapchat)

This event was not declared, and therefore, illegal, indicates a police source. Around 6:45 p.m., several patrols intervened after fireworks mortars were fired into the air, “without notable incident”. Four people, three minors and one adult, brought to the police station for checks, were fined for the use of fireworks. Fifteen mortars and three smoke bombs were seized.

“The filming took place in several places in the district, explains a policeman. Our colleagues were not taken to task and as there was no major public order disturbance, we let the event take place. »

The town hall will file a complaint

The town hall announces this morning that she is going to file a complaint against X for “illegal occupation of the public domain” and “undeclared demonstration”.

The video of this Koh Lantess is to be broadcast this week on social networks, the organizer announced, Djibril Drama, on Instagram. On his account, the interested party, who did not respond to our request for an interview, also advertised the event in story.

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Mantes-la-Jolie: sprinters chased by a dog, cars playing football… the crazy tests of Koh Lanta of the cities