María Hortensia’s desk: Reflections

DEAR READERS: Receive my best wishes, I hope you are well, mainly in terms of health, we must take care of ourselves because the cold typical of this season is already being felt.

Let us ask Our Lord for wisdom and strength to understand all the bad things that are happening: violence, injustice, corruption and the loss of values, etc. What we can do and is in our hands is pray. I share a very interesting message because we live every day and most of the time without meaning.


You work eight hours to sleep eight more and live four. You work five days a week to rest two. You work a whole year to vacation only 30 days. You work a lifetime to retire already old and only be able to contemplate your last breaths of life, probably while sick.

You dedicate your whole life to making the lives of others possible. You are born and they take care that you commit yourself to the family, then to religion, studies, homeland, work, with the state and customs, then with your partner, with the children, with many desires, repentance , guilt and that feeling that you are never enough and in the end only comes your own death. And soon, very soon, no one remembers anything about you anymore.

In this existence you discover that life is just a parody of yourself, practicing your own personal oblivion, to the point of never getting to know yourself as you should know yourself. You are born as an emotional slave and you get used to slavery seeing it as something natural and normal, since you live your life without chains, but with the obsession of focusing only on everything external that surrounds you, which keeps you imprisoned inside.

Now, let me ask you something that will hurt and make your head explode. Do you really know how many hours an ordinary human being in his 80s lives? I will leave you a few seconds to answer for yourself and do your own calculation. Well, surely you have thought that millions of hours, but no, it is not like that. The life of a human being of about 80 years is 700 thousand hours, yes, yes, you heard that very well. You will only live about 700 thousand hours. But this is not all, you must think that of these 700,000 hours, a third part will be spent sleeping, the other third obviously working, and you only have a third part left, close to 240,000 hours to enjoy and live in peace and happiness. .

So, starting today, run away from arguments, toxic relationships and everything that is taking away the little life you have left. Because remember that of these hours that I have mentioned, in reality you have much less left, because you are already of an age and the time for you has already passed for the most part.

Now swear to yourself, swear with all your heart and tell yourself: I will live happily again, without rancor, with humility, valuing and appreciating what is truly important in this life. Breathe, love, smile and thank, everything else is superfluous. Everything else will stay here the day you take your last breath. Happy week. Bachelor María Hortensia Lira Vásquez. Cell phone 951 21 14 138.

María Hortensia’s desk: Reflections